Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p19

42 (for janet hamill)

let’s talk about collisions
how one body impacts another
easy choices
better ways to combine our love
no better way to make one’s living
living for today – tomorrow – seamless mondays
springs – summers – rolling down your favorite hill
like water flowing from a tap / you (a cloud) tapping on my window
if i had a window that close to the ground
or if you a ladder
you’d still make it on time for brunch
or your next career
a painting – a handyman – around collision point
to make things easy – beautiful – seamless
a passionate new breed of stargazers
re-entering the atmosphere from the jersey side
@ the apex where the river meets the sky
a wireless tightrope walker @ the height of freedom
in freefall
walking on air in any season @ one’s own convenience
something you can bank on
your words / or language / or less
naked knees forming irregular circles
through the holes in your celestial birthmark
your love of science
of horses
your ability to combine heaven & earth
& how the hairs grow on one’s head
& are made to stand up on end
how to move things long or short distances
how to more or less move things around to
avoid collisions
@ all costs while colliding
chapter @ verse with your beliefs

held momentarily in the station
to avoid further collisions with the solar system

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