Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p2

3 (for j.a.) a tautonym a bijunctive color this part of the poem is a homage to a man who paid homage to a square a study of never before as 2 squares greet / meet or do they? “I’m not paying homage to the square” he claims “it’s only the dish I serve my craziness …in” rarely mixing colors - except pink & purple the quantity of tubes brands squeezing night shades / shades of night fooled by the same color once then twice (think of this section as being in the shape of a SQUARE)
4 many stories told thru the eyes of the pro- tagonist who either at the beginning or the end of the telling has decided to leave this world because it has become too advanced for him such is the point i have arrived at early in this scenario then just before i decide to leave i take one last look @ the flowers “somebody’s gotta look @ the flowers” i think as i overhear her tell the children “LOOK AT YOUR BEAUTIFUL FACES” after she snaps a group photo with her I-phone look @ the beautiful flowers instead i grumble.

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