Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p23


feeling sick?
   don’t run
        it’s more than just a flip 
               a powerful wireless speaker –
                        when we’re done
       a trade will be made that pays like a bridge
              being crossed –
        a light in a window over looking the train tracks
                    a tall brick chimney 
          that exists apart from the extinct factory 
                    it was in service to –
            the tunnel that even in stationary darkness
                              bears light
          a slip     a trip    a fall
                    a statistic that becomes a fact
                                  a powerless wired thinker
                                                the slowly emerging stem.

55 (slight refrain 1)

under clad / overdressed
torrid / humid echoes
flamenco floorboards
a table of humid floorboards
a songbook
in overdressed
never straying very far 
from the basic idea
of the making of a great

56 (slight refrain 2)

it is new   safe 
cash cash cash 

pile of twigs
soil fire earth pencil 
wood branch  weed earth 
a crown of pencils
a pile of paint
exercise / exorcise
the carpet
the primal / the primary
this is your backyard / front porch
whole existence

it is new  generous  safe
cash cash cash….

57 (slight refrain 3)

there is a write to wrong
doggie in the window
time past presenting itself now 
as if now or later or ever
ever really made a difference
any difference
how communication is always
a dismal failure
even when it functions to capacity
or to cap a city:
idiot mittens
penelope’s lament
the old man looking a month

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