Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p26


into a run of all beef patties
drove Toyota A 6 w the thing
rising A into M & atah
the thing happens NOT what happens
drove my hamburgers (iambourgeois’)
into a plate of linguini

yet where so many brave others
dare to tread


there are so many of us
but there is only one Picasso


sleep is nice to lie down at home
& think about
i also want to make sure that i’m up
when i’m up
since i don’t sleep anyway
you said a mouthful
i said
tho i wasn’t exactly sure what he
was doing or
what he was trying to do
i don’t mean trying stuff out
while you are awake
& experiencing things
i mean what was it he was trying
to accomplish?


(an eventual crow nut)

the new café has opened
a real french bakery
that neither bakes or sells
it is nt that kind of bakery
the young clerk tells me

they’re building from the top down
as well as from the bottom up
as far down as up can go
there’s no rhyme or reason for this
except that
the cave dwellers on the top floor
& in the basement
wh run this ½ sunken ship
have run out of space again

the leaves pile up
                - a golden carpet -
she says

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