Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p27


point of view of a child    >
                                                WRITING TO BE : to share this chapter
i don’t want @ this point >

                                                   wouldn’t it be nice i ask     dismembered  / taken seriously

the devoted muslim sitting in front of the mosque
if there were a total end to materiality :   MUSIC >  welfare diners  - 
            throwing the water into the pool  / scholars  /  63 hour interviews
   one on one analysis of the plot/theme  identity development
              young adult related - writing apologies -  medication
passion - bi-polarization - narrative symptoms  -  awareness of problems
               identity      i dentity    identity  analyzing identity 
my own development  related to other people’s objectives  my own development
             past heroes  free delivery from ongoing conversations >
WHY i prefer not to be called a writer  / interesting i am a righter writing wrongs
     like a barber > barbershops > the barber shops & finds the HUMAN CONDITION
        the mind / BREEZE   saturday afternoon trapped in someone else’s discussion
                                   (what is the human condition)
                       brain  / birds talking to each other . finding resolutions
                                     gender electronics / pride in one’s hot sauce     membrane-eous –

i’ve been thru much more than some but not as much as others
                    nocturne blue / sleep walker / 
i don’t know what it is that seems to be seeping thru my shoe
                    it is as if i am bleeding water
            we are all after all 90pluspercentwater
it’s humid – so this is not impossible if i am wounded

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