Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p7

12 (for j.f.)

the father in the corner
corner one letter away from
the glue finally come undone
the mother entrusting her memories
to me
because after hyperventilation & separation
it is up to her to hold it together
the pieces slowly coming undone
there is no room for details today
she holds her teddy bear
the lover soon to be dismissed
crying looking bewildered alone
joking about the dark limo we are about
to enter
thinking it better if it were taking us to
kosco than the burial ground
the sister laughs & cries
the husband no longer to be
is saluted presented a coat of arms
then carried away

the way it wants you to look @
things / value things
like here in the cemetery
where there really is no symmetry
except death & morning

13 (for c.p.)

here we are
2 native sons
one chose exile
& career
the other
to stay put &
remain anonymous
until it was too late
so talk to me about you
about me
about 2 jewish boys from
eternally exiled.

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