Steve Dalachinsky
as collage / p9


mind your liquids on the cloth
chairs for
“nature is mute suffering”
so put me in your pocket
with your loose change &
when you buy the evening papers
you can buy them with me


he carries the cold with him
as he enters the room
overt intentionality or just
a bad script error
in the next scene
2 young women on the prowl
one says to the other
we’re making wonderful progress
the other replies
it’s the smell that gets me
further on 2 young men & a boy
on the prowl
1.  i’m sorry i just don’t like james baldwin’s writing
      i just never get it
2.  that was the first navel battle
3.  das boot das boat das boot – the first navel battle

scene four

i mean that would be immensely
satisfying to me
if you would be my guest


jj rides the rick-a-shaw
thru traffic
all by chance
an arctic harmony
on a brackishly human day
gone white light
on a crumpled page
jj seems not to give up evaluating
the els…another air-conditioned bird silence.

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