Steve Timm

from Rule of Composition

1 “Epicritic (Pertaining to Cutaneous Sensitivity)”                                                               (42:30)

So they we was flyngin goatcoal migs
  lips a-shred cigs doilying flups and caterwolfs
                               joy akuzas meander thralls toot thats
              splattern meaguer theser toxinsural timers
                 orthid octs parapraxic patamastrices
                                                                       mish trees affal balloom
                                                      no whatter thems tremble in the site of multívalence
                                                                                    lymph in the fearosphor
                                                             ligids i’ the B-plam
                      the frester apothetizers their are writher rue the ghoul pose
conchorto mangiolahand astomish mirtue 
                                      mengine of the gooberatchet
        the sleever of mindiot dearth nackertia
          craftal hoem the vergy emergy we via felloat 
                                         from clobberminted gonorrhalgics to and scorpials
                        stedgeholers to encryptleens that’s woes off than inservordunant

            calmumny reprayal mortuwary pronged as cure one
                   thendeville allegeslate stammergod hammerglot
                                  givenal iljugutal larvit preencomium cripes
           what the sheep shat
                                            what the shitshine addaubs to
                            dazzerbanjo noir somefing a talk a i wanna lose my time to get it

tempo pismo beach dairy
                                   ridem academeanta 
                                                          corvents of zazzaphrenes
                  dasual ligit erritorian tympanelles and chantarones capsoftery deblight 
                                thatter wed the hostauce 
                                         Al Fatenya yer can do i what of ya
                          recent axes deplorablize the near vitable tersenry of hack you tool
   intolatry paws the risary flaplaughabel leverals unsheared off
                                 sure hat some remove
                                                  he blurt ofter shoust
                                 fecality fecality fecality croned the fauxtografite
                 yedded junda chemp tring
                                                 bibble! tand! prites! 
                          sexual colonieze fragment-me-nuts spited with tungem 
                    a granamortized crutchsured grabule of clowt
                                        beg winds annausentia 
                       your dual and end them
                      that would flave a seeble fatib
                                     omarada drawling yoneh pout
                              who’ll haul your ules
                                       hoof hovely hell
                                  shovenly mired nares of blunds bluents 
   andly floatsy nambia Brabria Rossa 
                        bony fine dullass
                                               sweck furtain cowhiles
                                  symbol bas dovedience
                                                  rum dole police
                   slig mortif
                              scall waneture the oldest finiest unto

<track 2>                                                    (10:48)

Quellsian marsque with scrubba tansk
  zeal-bes shawarm theminy striangers fronds the like
                         caress the pon safting the tendiggles of knead
                  mucical muckusment
                                   shtow the suffy theo door
      shoosheen the ricoshay derver’s stealth
                     we’re pro-feedural heers and sheites
                           usfule theyimicists semblites tall
                                                         asshamackle in junghurry hall

               we pretexen a sharèdly 
                                      da hoc mortimerch disuary sigli moanch tweary yined
                            off to minds we arny sewls 

2 “Peduncle (The Support of an Inflorescence)”                                                                   (43:32)

That’s right horn comblemmed stamigma
at treble stancth ablock deadth and brebth
   the dreathèdfuls
                        these are blankinsons enfermille
              sodjourn wreckophone
                                   idiophanous trillery
   that’s darken they are darker than they are
              waveslew sluige gorlge 
scaldric corroddery spanser is the does they dazzert
                         hausa rune transvermal lific wrestlate
          taser lake suplash purital gongssiere thwactal vinditch 
              segregirly femance talonscoot halant shivler
                                  coalhaust grinamen fórdive encher
  spec on pheradural mountumen croupediance showel
              gris scrowled mity tectones aggleum pyry purplative
                         envyone’s a senakeor 
                                  meaty rights coladded in treaty tights?
   ferampup pervadenture                     my sands what stars arth
forciles in the labrial traptids        gonging mia viamioose as’d thoughngt
                              swoe me is allahs and all-lackatooey
                                                            sodliers secrounted kaffiry kilimentine
              the doughter moot the juictic the plec stir innum
                                   smortherner towarth rapatuier denim rungtiled chonkey
brayhewal azmenuth perpavore the polypso fornce denalwies comfs strued
            there was a long that way a nake appining floor to filuel
                          whomed defile 
                                lexeauze in áccrux geminy
                                                                            licks mergs oncotensilly
                        offgone libriquiem for a hod squander
                                               lumpenruptus vaticover
                                 rapatatatuial sile seater dennyslant
                              race and hair blued belialative crossmancy
                                                         these are the very digs
                               theirs the voluntary atsoundishmings
                                                                        that oxify the carbine jooters
           and the monkeel axaxines
            the frommentery         geal afoot          tombrent instegument
                             greckonal dunes gaffeted kaslunk glike ’t orn’t acknowled
gno men glue churnsey way
                     achooer inmeant              accreant sclerient
                 drizzle drimes a druse zen prie tsarginct
dour wing of velvetution 
                              invalvable striatamates we aye o amover i louie ya
                                                idon ever lieu ye
       slow stead fast
                                     so i can each you
                           tudge       carse       lipple       flond       havn

giddabel smudjurement rinds as flonse
            rilly rever rankstens the cawbons devaluing teencèd wail
                        waynems the macen jarry
                                                 rite yuri’s ulbu twout messide
                                           stemplodder boogie donc
                  siccup crowd veneer
                                      vanerial pureein 
                          thasms of flesh ma ’nd blook no asthms
                                                    say ter say ial say ary
              stay error
                            i’d’a voya idago pote bacchal ear
                                                   topends too
quay not, queue-eyened jumpsticks
                                                 the laverls the folksblend ladely hodes twaint

3 “Logozo Scampers (Tortoise)”                                                                                           (42:07)

Glocken shpilgas gunts the mortem
       and well goddamnify am not flyowning
               skeeger rustics platten forsts tuffual
                                                                                         what’sn’ts idenscent
                                                                          purgeal nialers
                                                                                           kilns ache ferment stound
                                    grin stent bwiled        convercial truents        baled eavers

                             curfuciacles that’s originens annuncy feraliede 
                                     sad gazatte of farragonal quant
                                                     fiddly mendier sterxes
                sugurantial copenstakes mensdark mowillow flicker stemt
                                   sags the slongue cheece twong
        diggerelles of insanity of swondles dealite
                              wiccan corpe cooeen
                     manxwild the culingdar fepples de plage
                                            beacherday flounted perm thirst yay tampler

              sotto clockturinal i gnow where my kindser and sophercue too
       orlue jackened laundren chorer shawl shender blenneton board
                                    this juice tin
                                                that swale fork
                                  breather spartan time
                                    glunder grails and broil your helid hearlets
          swinksa voramoosh mogged earens 
               demisamokoan silends 

                                              burdenal phorists fell reint the dunes tanks-belowed
            that was deathings in scrows and scarrens
                                                         plain pantings and unwounds
        nonsical earlings scrattling to the sheen a sing of emits 
                     choruds malagasian fangasies 
               gamma sadcar murals striant of stranglen fruiteries  
                  vivalotion neary fleerite the undane and mondostruous
                                                  collocations in eightyeights news speciels

                          what a coin of kinliness the atclimb’s
                                  blittle mitteny streach out from voresona
           prescionantal bedouate preshan number of hide anguine wiles
                                       heart’s vaginance
                      thrown stowlen truling vanitage thrievering prickapique
                               pocketcopter capitule moantaindy maintones
                         middleminded malagers cruelwhile parry on
                  fronting they don’t know the names of whom &
                                            why did that make too much sense

                              the fedural gynornament foreposhed a wordensome longed then
    drisual bestractive uncureable axiomas of struth
               they cannot face this musicular daredo sexas cogeplows 
                           opearences unceive 

                                                      sensile fractals at tips of brawnules
                                         scaldfinger godflingular manions
                               thery musi heoretics 
                                                           the world played plain
                                                   thenscythicals to obey
                                    thosens the bad t’s t’ abbey
                  what Ida Bleefer’d air and diddoes 
                             maestrally syzygantly as a forest fever 
                               hat shoes coat diz or like
                                         the xith side of everystreet yuza
                                   gwongs a folk usses
                                             speweaken whirrs
                                 reworsenals to the nary
                                             the haggles in a breath
              copencare scopenscare denialmurk denailhead
                   unhedgeable piano
                         no blasé in glory
                           so blazed a anvil answer a stiruppelodial
          the mindle ear forth

4 “Owele Standing (Small Bird)”                                                                                          (46:16)

What’s the happen wow
              gene broom teehassle omniquoscient inventery
          staken yelds galash lankuid squalid den plasmsest
tina’s burroque queel ashremble 
                       derivilliant of mirr
                         straggle dounce of longesse stave aloe, Hope Allergiance
     toggle glowgle oggule irremissual dwindle thrall
                                                                           hellrole, Gene Whiskey
                                     am i aspire corrightly, Cleft Boozom
               miso profulous feelicks forelike edgeminder
                                          sconding two ones fiddled with entity cared
           glove scan kaffirms
                                 gigant lames an heegase zymen claturatura
                         aria rouge tad imple xensuous tacturge 
                                                          nib by neb by nob and knob nub
                      newel bronze at steeple prikes
               hello and harpty Girdsdy what’ll you be
                                                                       bridchawlers splayonimus
how cog a q, vince cockwater
                               how suet dizzound
                    wadded echo       dronian proofed against 
oddthangle brayer seraing rexcuse a sigh recause ilovery une plicks theyen spluckdumb

slong, tader spoot, hops’ll turnock dual yeeedles of antocifrix 
                          sail on, Ienne Ressknot
                                   the my people i remede heal lex came
                the very toes i had steep to teas
                                                                    howdy refer hodi else
                       sway willy elkity habber zapama
          swing verdiations swing
                                          max me a max
                                             crotch me a scorch
                 soaky icon vertz the viso
                                    revice the gratchels
                                                                     porator the grabbed age of taleverts
                             envery tip hocracketed to the covenence hover clingant
                      thwacks the airwades sober eith
                                             todays chinase turn
                                    myzeneen the ditherane slitheroons
                                                      per beechuck bill iaint but naryin ideer boust nuttin
      so sing inner angles quore and whygirled knot
            poof addler suggendle vie wists
                                   vastromony suedes me juffingly
                                                          prut streen and rocka coozerdoo
           assay sad bove
                               foreign dinch sedimine
                 clamical scriance plore bipaths devoluved at thence deprece
                        scorn then say sashayer do tell?
   crackle by boons, yuban hlads and cussard chuns
                           gas that converts everyone
             day grease in the eye
                                                spackle hues inhearted
                         Ida Cobble deedin’
            endiff ’t is my name stillette’s stilged asseny
                                 bremace emblemshaed ebbility, squant dabbler
          like the boidesque
                                   what if someone listened
                 tend to hume dies’s pique
                      the tardy tomb i’m pradling
                                             the redurned domicidal
          foecourse these are quettings
                                                    doughy loo lie wanebearings
      as jag karaoke oncèd

5 “Pineal (Black Dot)”                                                                                                           (41:35)

Even ceteris partybus isn’cht surplotted when they’re not
freak sakes viender trillial swives comparsion’s mittel gnarm in swames
   barometer reddens per-thus cronch crounch caroonth
                     thigh lather sterocle blamdish colondraint
                searpent yeak skeiners off goaded
                                     hello ploidy doidy polish foiced flunguider
                  slurpots of cantive sadthirst gonismy
                                                     the stery suffar sithits
                        zeal fare       tropangulic syrumph       coma torch
         deve aya sutster de overdy re-everence
                               ingdel igginled parastammeter-psyted end suttested
                      wheredy lesions gloo to whisper in a ilosh
                                                    cocation lolation egg wasian mood fucket
   spriglative purslane vooture tawng in a coelclamp
                                        coella feasued nazpania yorsted
              what a duzzelast betraster ovanation gheegleeing fuñuels
        wakedown trellis colock desearthly blovens gath-a-wee abstrudeal
                                             antsermoma tiered sappert 
                   do verative evilate laxly ornts seculude ivical zundrance
                         sparsions dijestus
                                          merecy spawnital others eat
                             gwan flaunch pestile bianonal sab mourds drougged into reglock
           sone ripe stremminberry wasical succulines alsavus moanjuicity
              vray chinners nouns endower wreets righks
                       why enknot the brittiest versus wervered sea
                                                    (wanklean tarot eggon)
                   edgerny cursus cottons on dadada
               plexus leapsticked sterene atyred to wallowpe spewmell
                                      fraultid ictamony di-eyears i handser gawken tunother
          andzy bradenter oopsies quansile bee
             ping of lunge abscessant falsuant 
                                     glase ath-horn kneedle at all
                                   soundimenstrual churlingy
                             clonying splastics whadeye nottle ya
               whetten up the wagerheightches sooeyana
                                piges of tongs sweevillets of rison
                      planellates potaint furome
                                                       swims of wimmages durueling one’s natuve senzes
                   zualty agrints zealth frighders feelonking untheir weigh du motstice
                                  wall i wanshed for was moisturice remotstruances

Steve Timm's most recent book is Un storia (BlazeVOX, 2010). He teaches English as a second language at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the U.S.

He writes: "(The poems above) are from a work called Rule of Composition, which is a collection of 100 ekphrastic poems done while listening to the Cecil Taylor Feel Trio's 2 Ts for a Lovely T, a ten-CD set which I went through ten times. These poems are from the seventh listening. They were improvisations, with very little editing afterward."
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