Susanna Lakner


Susanna Lakner: born in Budapest/ Hungary. Since 1989 has lived in Stuttgart / Germany
Collagist, makes artistbooks, artistamps and objectboxes.
Founder and editor of the non-profit assembling mail art magazine „22“.

The Inside Story, Collage booklet 2015
Venus & Mars, Collage book with texts of Bernd Reichert Artemisz Publishing, Hungary 2013
Susanna Lakner / The Papertailor of Planet Susannia, Collage booklet, edited by Reed Altemus Tonerworks USA 2011

Susannia Bildschneiderei: www.leben-und-kleben.blogspot.com
Facebook: Susannia Bildschneiderei-Susanna Lakner
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Blogger Henry Denander said...

Great work!

8:58 PM  
Blogger Planet Susannia said...

Thank you for publishing, Mark! Thanks, Hank!

10:23 PM  

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