It's because of this gas pocket around our planet
that we can be transitory passengers
on this astonishing sphere

This thin envelope in constant movement
in which the Earth rotates
allows incredible diversity
marvelous and infinite diversity
in the forms of life

But what is
this animal
i-gno-rant and narrow-minded
who is all ransacking all

Anne-Marie JEANJEAN was born in 1944; she has published around twenty books and lives in the South of France.

She questions writing in and through its material being, in and out of books
    * by giving priority to the fundamental gesture of tracing the line (characteristic of her visual poetry)
    * by questioning the letter, word and phrase in the breathing of them, in interaction with the material and space : works on paper, card, unframed canvas in all formats and modulable depending on venue.

See her collection TardigradéditionS on www.am-jeanjean.com

Her last books : Stèles pour un Signe is presented in "Stèle You Tube", Ainsi Chantait Miss Drac'Ula is question about the place of poetry in a life with "technique du collage", and La Supplique au Centaure because Centaur is an old fellow of humans.

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