Bobbi Lurie


Moses Stuttered – Just Like Me

I drew because I could not speak.

And I wrote the words I could not say.

“Moses stuttered just like me,” I told myself as a little girl, sitting alone in my room, attempting to draw, paint, write, recreate the world inside my self.


Moses brought down The Ten Commandments after spending a long time on Mount Sinai, talking to God.

Had Moses' brother, Aaron, been more patient with him, had he not pressed Moses to respond through speech, Moses might have found a way to say the thing he meant to say.

“Hey, Moses, we’re sick of waiting. It’s been forty years. Where should we go? Speak already,” demanded Aaron.

Moses struggled to give his brother The Answer.

“Ca … Ca … Ca…”

Aaron was tired of waiting for Moses; the answer was obvious anyway. “Fine,” Aaron interrupted Moses, running off to announce the move to the multitudes, “We’re going to Canaan!”

Moses was distraught; he was trying to say “Canada.”

But the words never left his mouth.


Moses brought down The Ten Commandments, stuttering over every syllable, unable to communicate the complexity of this life; unable to enter The Promised Land.

Bobbi Lurie's Moses Stuttered Just Like Me, remains unfinished. http://the-otolith.blogspot.com/2015/09/bobbi-lurie.html
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