David Jalajel

A Babbitt in a Cage (1)

That they usually
Describe it human, attributes –
And that erroneously.

Attaching to the sounds –
Like, when an ironic echo
Of an earlier. Rapier-thrusts at
The core, their discourses consist –
Well known for camp followers. Revives for example –
Leading simply to new, and three
Players constitute.

The present pages
With names, like this household recalls –
To mind their enterprises. Servicing armed forces –
Veterans, latter-day homestyle
Paradise gardens. Never enjoyed and
The performers all spent, empty –
Living tendencies into.

Went first in newspaper –
Overworks it, quite prettily
Frigid martial rage. And resignation
Should, tolerance as African –
Be cultured or with any. That bulked it so largely –
Emulated, comparison
For the rebellion.

Timing for the next
Week trying so hard to come, up –
Where there’s some idea about. Politicals conflict –
Between, a definitive work
Fruitpicking implores. Quack and charlatain
Bizarre, an anachronism –
At long last a survivor.

The elements become –
One, for the new directors of
The new hard to find. Of the years had been
Firm, a man who demonstrated –
Under principled to all. Making out in what field –
Public land, scholars overcast
The handwash wastage.

Irruptions possessed
A stateliness, and their breathing –
A tone of veneration.

A Babbitt in a Cage (2)

Respite, from the blustering –
Paid heat, the cerebral, repression
Burns bleak curvature.

To the sky field steals
Often, cause assembly to, and freeze –
Money, the shelving sands break. Sure, and printing for any –
In what’s bevelled, cold, this sacred knot
Fakes disparages. Sellable but craves
Indeed, for culture, your media –
Not only made, possible.

But encouraged, are retained –
Searching high, squeals, the honeyed landscape
Yields to anyone. Captivity for
Education, instructor, having –
A respite from, lecturing. He hardened his heart, practised –
Devilish, weightier, chemistry
To distil control.

By which collisions
Between peachtones, noontime, rattlesnakes –
Safer, if you lose daily. Gleaming, interminable –
Of one, a moment’s triumph, provides
Plotlines often pause. For breezes explore
Events biting, your way, thought you could –
Ask, where the other loads turn.

What’s on, their backs and attack –
The soft felt, like, an eternity’s
Nightly thunderstorms. We had our moments
In the books, so mild, we even slept –
At least a belly, make brief. Order to subdue, as prey –
Restraining, fervent, corrugated
Saintly foments.

Rightly unmoving
Digestion, cover age, of the streak –
Sermons for, dispassionate. Drying old halls, to drizzle –
Trumpet, flame-throwing, ferocity
Timed and leeching tones. Distraught indictments
Between the sway, you swagger, slower –
Posing, state lawyers polite.

For one drawn second, airy –
And blasphemous, conviction hailed, such
As will personal. Plotline exploring
Events, biting your, as though you could –
Asked to do, others spread wide. On their backs and soft, attack –
That’s what’s felt, like, an eternity
Of thunder nightly.

So had upheld weight
Oftener than long, moments, like these –
Look, so mild she’s even slept.

Babbitt Around – “See the Bowl Sparkles

Inebriated –
Coddled pearl as of pleasant
Favourite, lubricious. Love exudes your wink –
Penetrating hue, see
You, entity under sea. Shimmying hue, indolent
Frothy washing, colourful bloodstains
Round over slurping. Unencumbering –
Fidelity second of
Sudden coddled, pearl as. Inebriated –
Of pleasant, favourite
Lubricious love exudes your.

Wink penetrating hue, see
You, entity under sea frothy
Shimmying hue round. Indolent washing –
Colourful bloodstains over
Slurping, fidelity. Second sudden of –
Unencumbering, pearl
Inebriated coddled. As of, pleasant favourite
Lubricious love exudes, your wink hue
Penetrating see. You entity sea --
Under shimmying hue round
Indolent, colourful.

Frothy washing of –
Bloodstains, over slurping
Second unencumbering. Fidelity, sudden pearl
Inebriated, coddled as of
Pleasant favourite. Lubricious love wink –
Exudes your penetrating
Hue see, you entity. Under shimmying –
Sea hue frothy, washing
Indolent bloodstains over. Slurping, round fidelity
Colourful second, sudden coddled

David Jalajel is originally from Baltimore, Maryland. He is the author of Moon Ghazals (Beard of Bees Press, 2009), Cthulhu on Lesbos (Ahadada Books, 2011) and a chapbook in Dan Waber’s This is Visual Poetry series (2013). His work has appeared in experiential-experimental-literature, Anti-, Lynx, and The New Post-Literate.
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