Erik Blagsvedt

Two Untitled Poems

american river smell
coursing sunshiny like
lemon prayer or
lingering science dogs the
true heart path at night
in the sandy mother of
tender logic
vegetation myths falling hollow like
pipe muscles sharp in spirit numbers
iris illusions over the brook
shallow karma meandering in fish meaning
gushing karmamudra fronds over
frothing flame ladder discipline
dream command under
water written rolling as moon glow
cutting doubled golden universe
within the mountain of
cave balance carp immersion
for sleepy air
above forest harp floating
sharp simple clock snaps
clear in heliocentric cream
dancers spilling power
in mundane fruition
in blood books


yawp thrust yawp thrust
engine aeon mind glue
pulsing lime disc atop
pell mell power books
filibusted chevy dada wad
drifting nimble alphabet
gorging glottal on
equatorial coma blondes
blind as
flame brimmed ticket bricks
from emerald encrusted
infinite gong

Erik Blagsvedt was most recently published in Abstract|Ext. An abstract novel is scheduled to come out sometime in 2016. He is a long time musician, artist, meditator, buddhist, astrologer and a stay at home father of two young boys. You can check him out here: https://ello.co/erikblagsvedt.
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