John Pursch

Anaxagoras Scrolls

Sit here long enough and ivory winces when evening rolls to limelight bubble cheddar, grazing biplane treetop fantasies of nubile yearling holidays.

Wheelhouse nose cone pestilence conveniently soldered to stable neural ozone, Anaxagoras scrolls simply in his grave, checks his sundial, resolves to transmigrate in murky minutiae, and calmly resumes snoring. The ground shudders in delight, anticipating the smell of freshly squeeze oranges, insatiable conundrums, and oxidized periscopes.

Poking his scraggly head above Groin Zorro, he verifies the impassibility of Your Nuke’s stacked exchange and saddles up for salty turpitude of seizure rainbow kitchen rites. Mighty cellmates plan Eurasian escapades, drawn from sputtering values. They try swans, tire irons, chocolate souls, giggling footfalls, sandwich swallows, and lipstick lungs; spectacles of fraudulent desire in propped up daydreams.

Restrooms masquerade as prawn protection dentifrice, clearing keyhole lobs of obfuscation silt, teething to be freed of little bees. Bayous snake across the planet’s graduated surfeit of coinage course correction, relegating punchy locksmiths to smoothly lucid daisy girls of friendly promenade severity, aimed at television flush.

Pinnacles in Rhapsody

Laughter in an empty room pervades the fading sailboat screen, collapsing cantilevered rice seclusion parodies of knuckle peanut sawdust wheeze correction flukes to brand new orioles in edgewise periodic boot steps, flooding corridors with wasteland phoneme caricatures of softly shelled incisions.

Peopled to thermometer infusion turns, left-handed pandas commiserate with swanky tubal mitigation talk of limping dental cleaning skits gone south to pawn reduction femur sores, plucked to staircase terminology by closing epidemic feet.

Hark, I hear revolving K-Mart murmuring of shot glass eyeball wheel conundrums, classical police departures, and Cypriots on highland kiln implosion trills, sloshed to turnarounds of chutes in packed idyllic sands of conical cavorting charmers.

How the billions walk and swagger, flaunting toenail tin to tonnage stew of serpentine behavior tents, pausing heartily for metaphoric nymphs on extra bottom colonies of panting legume diatoms!

Porcine prisms peculate an offhand smirk from cute obsequious religious mules, playing food for fueling fodder versus mute and mostly ossified recanted exclamations, pending cough line crocus loss and pinnacles in rhapsody.

Aqueduct Eclipse

Shiftily the crops repeat in chanting elevator pews, moss retracts an unknown variance of gauze, and tertiary trampolines file inner facial ticket mailings into steeply beveled knots of nautical recrimination, denatured by tumbling salts.

Bodies forbid our ivory intentions, circumscribing phyla, jetsam, flotilla resurrection pleats, and cozy blooms of tulip dots, speckled into distant nightcaps.

If ornery monocles could squeeze the days into growing melon aches of apiary simian erector jets, baby demitasse falafel ratings might embody paddled grotto dreams in aqueduct eclipse.

However, casting culls the passing crowds to trickling amniotic cataracts in endless fluffy landing lights of laxative elite erosion, glimpsing durability belief.

Hits alternate to muddy tombs, imbuing reconnoitered happenings for tethered aliquots of festive elemental notch police, blessed fervently by daybreak.

Simple dilettantes bedeck the shallow alleyways in surreptitious leeward longings, padding suspense with impish urbane thunderbolts of surfeit pouts and plaid gesticulations.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. Twice nominated for Best of the Net, his work has appeared in many literary journals.
A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks.
His lit-rap video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l33aUs7obVc.
He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.
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