Tim Wright


charcoal-touched tongue
supported smoke
single carriage train cutting through the bush

when the stores fill up around september
a face against spokes
speaking the Pisan Cantos
into a stormwater drain

flow and flight
saying inshallah
freshwater police swim through bars
towards salt water

fireworks bump the air
and regular

mited light
blends a city fire

rain on the pool tables
soaked stars
collective grief means
star pickets
summon a space of earth

a gain

a chopping board sky, isolate lemon wedge

flattened out earth, gradations of “letting go sky”


the turned-over stone
facing the sun
in the image

swiftly breaking down a tent
these parentheses streets

the image in relief
turned towards the sun
a coffee shop
through leaves of smoke


of light
grossly realised

continuous weatherboard tremble

a retinal hour
teetering masses

distributed pulse
brackets light over water

Tim Wright has had poems in a number of issues of Otoliths; others appear occasionally at swim/swam: intermittent reception.
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