Valeria Sangiorgi

The Sangiorgi Recipe Book

Aunt Natalia’s recipe
Mesola (Ferrara) 25/6/99

½ kilo of sponge fingers, ½ litre of cream pudding and ½ litre of chocolate pudding, some macaroons, a little Alchemes liqueur and some Marsala egg nog.
Dip the fingers in the liqueur, pour a little cream pudding over them, then again the fingers, then the chocolate pudding. Again the fingers and so on … Finish with the fingers

Giuliana’s recipe
Casale Monferrato 15/8/1999

You need: roughly 300g courgettes, 2 eggs + parmesan cheese. Line an oven dish with greaseproof paper, then pour into this the beaten eggs with the chopped courgettes and lots of parmesan cheese.
Cook very, very slowly in a medium oven for approx.- 20 min.

Aunt Mariannina’s recipe
Milan 7/2/99

You need chestnut flour, aniseed, a little grated lemon rind a glass of milk. Dried raisin plumped up in cold water plus a little powdered yeast - milk. Leave to settle for about an hour – they are fried in lard.
Don’t use a pan but a high-sided, small, narrow pot, that way they’ll cook better.

Maria Rosa’s recipe
Piossasco (Turin) 18/8/98

200g cream – 200g mascarpone (type of clotted cream) – 4 eggs – ¾ spoonfuls sugar and orange liqueur – coffee – sponge fingers – coffee powder and cocoa
Mix the eggs with sugar (only the yolks) + cream and mascarpone + liqueur
Dip the sponge fingers in the coffee (cold), cover with some of the cream obtained, continue in layers, on the top one dust with cocoa and coffee powder using a sieve.

Ada’s recipe
Massa Marittima (Grosseto) August 1982

Make pastry with 2 eggs – 100 g butter – 1 cup milk – 2 spoonfuls sugar – pinch of salt – 1 pkt of vanilla powder – 1 small spoonful of ‘Bertolini’ powder (powdered yeast).
Roll the pastry into long strips, then with a sharp knife, cut into macaroni shapes *. Dust with sugar and grated lemon rind. Throw these into boiling oil and while they are frying add 2 spoonfuls of sugar. Drain and place on brown paper to absorb excess oil. In Tuscany, macaroni are 2 cm wide tagliatelle

Valeria Sangiorgi was born in Donada (Rovigo), and now lives in Piedmont. She has created numerous photographic works which have been exhibited in many Italian cities from Milan to Palermo, as well as abroad in France, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, and Australia.

Her most recent show was in March 2015: We want roses with Artiste Contro la Violenza at the Biblioteca Civica Primo Levi .

Details about her book of photographs from the Po delta, La Maramacola, with text by Giovanni Pozzato, can be found here.
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