AG Davis

fully apprehended voice yearned milk is bottomed incipience to failed birthing, an unnatural morgue. out tow uneven stretcher (tricks in glass fussing), like liquid orbits clued by statutory fodder. mine sprout above clothes, alcove my father in arse-boats to preferred as nailing futility. stifle in pocket with molten distention, of turnstiles hawking despicably abandoned. this hysteria unravels simultaneously: so hoarse, so accurate, and so sordidly it drops.


these twins slum
and dine aligned as
germ in 'i' interbreeding
so mass which i've abortive
divining intersect thick signpost
of transfinitude
as beside this mortuary icicle
the tunnel dysphoria
my cringe by her pill-coil
soft large to ranging cystic cantor
the chirp of dawn licks the guile of
genital plows
awakened at night by cocksure rebuses


when flits the palisade
toward city in crucifix helix
this gore foamed panopticon
closed whilst silent names assorted
i claim naked running
blind absence to hither lamppost
the frieze of tidal milk
my flight suns crystal
like lone ancient silk
in time to arc explosively
(former predators)
by way of ape-flesh
when tagging from behind
making sure of some cold expanse
to twist the marrow
as eyes truckle
warding the past mistakes
the world inclined
this zenith has been peaked
on sorcery's fractal nimbus
to dissolve the mind's clemency
the last grain falls
very very shortly
and very sourced about
i climb for falling
never to cling to dust

Born in Lubbock, Texas in 1984, AG Davis is a sound poet, performance artist and composer who resides in Jacksonville, Florida. AG Davis was recently published in the anthology, Abstract|Ext, and had a novel out in March of this year through the publisher Abstract Editions.
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