Pam Brown

October already
on the last night of september server shudder sends out too many emails it's always 11.52 when I'm prevaricating * flat screen hd tv in a red wheelbarrow hard rubbish going home * the nazi train full of gold in a railway tunnel in Poland we don't know where * fog delays seeing double cirriform recedes in a chemtrail wake over Punchbowl spraycan can spray everyone's a welder * the food section how to eat an ortolan cover your head with a cloth shield your shame but know your Bottega Veneta napkin deserves no stain shoot the nutribullet * the other food section Trastevere from them there is the top of the street food of quality now a legend where lick a moustache * the train full of gold is in Wałbrzych we don't know if it is booby trapped * you're the salt in my stew * an ash threat volcano blows in the east in the summer of my 67th year I join the carbon cycle go wading in radioactive plume * microbes determine every difference including intelligence? or the appearance of intelligence could somebody sign me on for some of the artificial stuff * a Futurama concept - 'super speed' win $200 & in one day spend it on 50 cups of $4 coffee drink them to achieve super speed it'll be great * sold to a wrecker for a speck carless in car city sideways ear rocks a vacuum of phantasm too-too icelandic music bluetooth car kit a fad devotional drumming frosted electronica though predominant in the end that Gotye song was too simple * saving for a spoiler & sheer line panel design shelf-stacking cool rooms to make the money to make ends meet sick of night freezing in frayed gloves * you're the lace in my shoe * ban cigarettes & the entire jail riots * glance at the green digital numbers on the little oblong panel on the plastic clock radio in the bookshelf 11.52 again has the clock stopped? * write a line for the trees in Ashmore St sunset racket birdchirp batshriek big dark shade farewell trees * don't you want to laze around on a warm & airy paddock put the top down follow the curves * all of it is lies tears well onside the eyes sound's white noise round the house * a man in orange dayglo & a comical plastic helmet bangs each lightpole with a hammer bam bam bam bam sounds more like thwok thwok notes its number on a clipboard looking for whiteants old technology hammer pen clipboard ausgrid logo *

Pam Brown's most recent of many books is Missing up (Vagabond Press, 2015). Alibis, a selection of her poems translated into French by Jane Zemiro, was published by Société Jamais-Jamais in 2014. Pam lives in Sydney.
blog: http://thedeletions.blogspot.com.au/
site: http://pambrownbooks.blogspot.com.au/
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