John M. Bennett

los sesos

the hills of wax and
light no estoy com
pleto de la mente c
loud y tal vez
pasa la lluvia mis
placed sobre sus
huesos gnaw the
opalescent library
a puro palo y cuchillo
turn the p
age see if the sun
mas no hay donde la
vela poner
rotting horse adjective
se queda triste su
ropa looks at the
horizon's invisible
shadow lo que pienso
es que pienso yo the
recurved sky with its
missing stone no
sé interminable dementia
que no puedo hacer nada
telephone hidden in the pool
whispers in reverse no
son decires sino que yo lo vi
cómo fue el asesinato de él
points to the grinding stars a
puro leño se los sacaron

Cross-eyed in Ivan Argüelles' “Senex”
& Horacio Castellanos Moya's Insensatez


flood nostril nor yr
flow ered bell halation
gasps an floats the
issue knife yr deep
er fog gate yr slee
per frog er exinas
piration spells the
clot shirt worn its
ambiation pried an
blue ,or tried to glue
the air

(fist before your face)


crack dim fog
sob thin comb
laze and grime
your sheets re
turn the soak
flack flag de
names the loop
your buried pile
buries a stone
buries a stone


p luck hal f
aucet nur
yr utrient
pel daño
for tuito
no me pisas
nom e l
embras a
cho que sim

big fake hair

puls e o fa
nático lend
me yr cl
owns ,fu
ente de ham
shit onna bun
yr nose a comb
faltan dientes


b lack s dog
icaustic nname
ttacked on bo
ard of ththanks
flyshit photos
axe in corn
er with an
em pty pot
once boilt
,fire on TV


sleeve with no
dules speech
forgets the
lumps condense
yr stunned L


course o
shadow lelenta
went inside
me mimas
no me mimes
spent                 outside

con vida

lung chain di
me falls off
nor silence
clouds yr mou
th ought al
véolo ,no veo
lo que veo y
me vi me vi de


but t nor d
rag doll be
neath a be
d box of let
ters forgot
the fl âme ma
b ouche in
sipide con
ejo de paja


dripper tang c
lose the folio
yr pool asks
back ,and
forth was
stained ,a
sack of tool
s ,a taste
of rain

o onda

cleave the to
me clockage
awful count
but count's
the slime
lights a
blade held
close ah p
ages green

sinks into
a wave


yes uh it
was debrides
the splint
ered chair yr
arm coughs


flood c
hew to
m utter s
lake yr


if I ,could
haul ,a t
aught tow el
evator in
,my arm re
pels a
,drill ,,,,,,
,spins in juice


your cheese my
see ping shoulder
ants sur round
a f lag be
hind or d
rip a head
or keyless
in the dawn


increaseant yaw
n my knee in
jects the
boiling ship de
ploys the too
th drip off all
sandwich sp
oiling on the

...as to form
a stage with our mouth
- Lanny Quarles


chin ,was g ash
seep lack de
rails in
nod's comp
action of yr
crawling hairs
was a watch

Bald glänzt ihr
- Paul Celan

crusty eyes

be templid
on an aching
street a
cloud reveals
your shapeless
vessel was a
glassy tooth re
flection of a
passing burger
chute de
sang a
beast of tune
detempered ch
unks of ww
ords ihn wwr
appers sleeps
the sidewalk
damper with
yr shadoww
was yr muddy

Erdschwärme sprechen dir zu
- Paul Celan

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