Louise Landes Levi

4 U
your island refused me, though I pray for it, your dancers now in darkness, your musicians, inaccessible, yr. poets roam w. love oozing fr. their toenails but they can't find their way to a favorite cafe, their time is UP. yr. island has been desiccated, was it my fault, did I drop those bombs, or create the so called earthquake, 100,000 times more powerful & more lethal. through whose disgrace did I come to you? Last night cured in cafe by distant saint, he says I'll siphon out the poison & he does, pain & perjury, poison is my medicine as purified, I hit the road again, throwing pennies at yr. outstretched hand rest a moment, the sun has risen in yr. 3rd eye,
11.3.2016 Tokyo

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