sean burn

                (inspired by john giorno's welcoming the flowers)

been the longest day
is the shortest night
here in st leningrad
happiest before (i) 
born   burn   brunt
my youngest having 
felled me previous
vie   vial   velocity
bro/sis like 1991
meeting in rainblow
yu having just died 
       the dub hyper
  its run whelp run
far beyond th'ozone
where stars busy 
           being born
         are busy dying
the tear-dropped 
        eye minarets 
         minor threat
    minimise regrets
they auto-tune the chants   
sell shares in wolves
       eat assault rifles
       & smart-water 
while electric cablings 
spun from here to jarrow
no taiga on the metro
but then we're 
losing it like hell 
across siberia
leonid brezhnev 
my carriage now
- he's looking tanned
the 47 kinds ov kalashnikov
imprinted white on black
across his back
eyebrows beetling
bloodclots & sunspots
yr meat & yes i'm all knife
together we padlock(ed)
our kin-doms rage
rage/d   raging
brakes calling to steel 
a gaggle ov geese
storms & winter palaces
a gag ov release
rowds ov wd-be lenins
the securitat/e ov bees
historys a long way down
& the light dont go
hand in hand w/ yu 
my frost pea(r)led g/love   
daughter/son bridging
archaos to our-chaos
the circus willing legs open
theres a reason why
election rhymes w/ erection
who's the next feeble prick 
to lead these nations
ov(er) the edge?

discus/s   decease   desist  
                 art ov pain 
           nailing this  
in the banned & bannered

five year since next door 
that ninety-two year old 
sang last (for) her supper 
she watered the oxalis 
we didn't hear her fall 
never asked her name
fleeing the violence ov byker 
took those plants 
from that shared landing 
now to have oxalis 
spread our yard 
us fresh outov sun 

paper/s the airwaves
clogged in over-static 
& muscled memory
coming on strong
when they print
          yu died
i yell s/he lived 
apes baring teeth
may mean war
we knuckle-walk
our ways to oblivion
my fiend my friend
generation on gen
        end to end
    no end troika
but arterial arias
riffs ov & riffs off
carrier-bag for face
a carrier-bag over face
to kill so tender
hold life prior
yu slew me previous
wish i had killed 
more as teen
done time   
   got therapy   
       gone clean
out & redeem
i die/d for yu
w/ regularity
yu die/d for me
once upon   up on 
lyric lack   the clack
upturn the urn
tongue ash
back to flesh
leash least un-
we lived   i 
live again
yu to breathe
my scent as
walking past 
why i sniff
my wish outta this
keep   klept   yu alive
the world not here
(to) make us laugh
my oxalis-feral 

live far from life 
not the slow 
death ov days
that choke-hold fade 
barren behind bars
i have run
the labyrinths ov mind
ov mine   off-mine
know/n such rage
this relentless
keeping (ov) time
that brine ov
artery & eye
to cut a soldier
into pieces -
this we know
vlad putins surf
birthing bright 
balaclava galleries
the knitting together 
ov narratives 
gun down another
& the nazis ov pegida 
threaten our st stalingrad
w/ their first march these shores
but my heart-attack means
i'm not well enough 
to counter-demon-strate
         the dogs we are
dogs we were
so much punched meat
snuck bones marrow?
not i cock robin not i
this face yu see
is petalled nervosa
no-one applies rouge
to/o petty & pretty 
yr petticoats in dew
petals seeping thru
& true   bottle thrown 
empty to infinite tides
some messaging!
& a-ways-down the track 
 dont look back
           dont look back
yr ribs on the outside
nib on the out & out
whose getting who hacked?

my oxalis-feral   
aka wood sorrel 
wood sour 
sour trefoil 
fairy bells 
cuckoos sorrow
three-leaved grass
sour suds
sour sabs 
sour grabs
wood shamrock
- such girthed prosody 
across ages ov mx
at this panopticon
traffic(ked) lights 
triage flowers
poppies for pain
pansies for love
gladioli for 
      a flower is 
life sentence
but what alive!
ligatures & legislatures
dont walk   talk   baulk  
dont bloody off
f(l)ight is body
emptying as breath
        my youngest
that wo/man
felling me previous
falling me now
my tongue meeting yrs   
tongue-greeting yrs
every time the first
each time the last
blast next breath
            march on   
    w/ un/vital signs 
until theres no more air   
then stayed & swayed
d.n.r. & all that 
'care' pathwaying
signing   singing 
          & ov & off

su-gared flowers - translucent 
in their shirt box nested down 
from that high shelf for specials   
top sheet baking paper removed 
to be offered this box ov brights 
cowslip primrose daisy 
sea-pink lavender violet 
popping wee dreams 
      to tongues tip 
& detonating the dissolve 

tire ov breastfeed bro/sis 
& repeatedly being called chicken
shriek who will feast on my bones?
who will feast my bones?
babi yaga throws back spit   
rollies flicked   roll up roll up
news whacked behind knees
one headlie doled per day
(the) long term wounds
- anuses ov honeysuckle
- arterial fuchsia  
- anemones amuse-bouche  
              blade reflects rage 
                at losing the light
& forever severs downtime
why someone walks past
      snaps off living tree   
snaps off gratuitously
that woody sapling   
snaps that stripling
severs that living
whole lifetimes
lifelines over 
& my rage such 
i wd piss razor-wire
rather than forgive 
what they do
go to death willingly
the world furrows
the word furrows 
theyre up late selling
the merch   march   maul 
hauling the laugh 
at least film lighters ash
light us & light as ash
breathe in old flame 
half a lung ov smoke daily
                  heavy as burn
tha'sweat razoring
heave & bereaved 
sense census sentence 
& mine - all in bloom
               rip the piss
its no thorn off blood 
oh bread & bone rose
bred ov horned blows
rembetika coursing veins
spring after spring (&) after 

    noise outov song
weapon outov noise
    that bouquet
ov cudgellings   
cudgel sings
dont relax the grip
suck on fire
starve oxygen
how (i) ate 
& breathed fire
never walked 
on or thru or w/ fire
meadows ov england
that betrayed us
moors ov scotland
               that tried
hills o'wales
that never did 
scrub & heath 
& dune-wild w/ 
pyramidal orchid
bee orchid
bog orchid
marsh orchid
spotted orchid

tucking lavender 
into scrunch ov muslin
winding orange ribbon 
             around its neck 
placing this confection 
under wee-sisters pillow 
a whisper to be found 
she wz orange-robed warrior 
until generations felled 
& then that ninety-two 
they come & go 
so many skeleton key changes 
& so bellows lear in his meadow 
crowned w/ rank fumiter 
& furrow-weeds 
w/ burdocks hemlock nettles 
cuckoo-flowers darnel 
& all the idle weeds 
that grow in our sustaining corn
welcome nasturtium 
impatient to grow
the growling briar
the howling potato 
outing plastic compost bin
the night-scented stocks 
fuelling heads & hard-wons
& down-low the fruit hangs
tattoo blown below left eye
family name high on neckline
skewer that much
march on carcass 
caress   careening
always fought this way?
lifetime after life?
thirst for yu to squat 
over the knot - my heart
are yu my eyes?
yu (on) my lips?
yu are my heart
& my heat
call me stone
- hey stone ...
- what yu thinking stone?
- dont cry stone
- stone dont  ...
- yr not alone stone
snowdrops for hope
clover for luck   
whole armfuls 
locked & goading
the pull-along c(l)ock
docket racketing
h/ours ov gag-reflex 
sea-pinks the city

i am the sand
     yr mirror
yr silver too
a sliver ov beach   
bleach leached
kith kin & rift
nesting boxes in 
wwi razzle-dazzle 
so much mute ink
yesterdays crutch 
          wz on the left
todays on the right
last night to overhear 
where is empire?
           or wz it 
where the beer?
neither deserving  
their standing ovation 
but legalise psilocybin do
write raves on the drumhead 
         ov thistle spreading 
     down inexorable
while that virus ov cctv
             scatters rain
is scattered in turn
needs sweet razoring

the loving pyre 
our elusive wreath
half i made
made love to
          fucked w/
a galliard ov skins
all the madnesses 
run   run out
& at last willingly  
to lay down my head 
torn as smoke 
on yr bro/sis chest
have closed eyes
at 80 mph
slit my arms
till they swarmed
rather than ran
sat at the edge
crowd below 
screaming jump
i'm no entertainer
am still survived
have never known
my blood group
tree fades charcoal
       all thats left - 
dark stain ov root
rout   booting
to die in bed
or die fighting
is that our choice?
kiss each & every
cawbie pluck at 
mine barbwire eyes
wreathe self around mist
dare to outstare
sky cries readily
& at length spider lily

to burn this off
is more than i can
to hear yu turn the page
smudge the thru-line
              the true-line
the dance stops
we must return home
its all just footwork
footwork & slaves
be brave to the end
bend abrasions
mend concussions
all trajectories sweet
ganging-up on language
gorge gorgeous goring
re-order these bones
rewrite neural pathways
& watch (to) the moon
daughter/son balling flight   
flower is foxglove
a heart-shock bailing
faerie-shoes exultant in woods 
& on the hills & moors
teach me smile
& at long last 
spontaneous combust 
bed down to ash 
         shed light
await the next 
which isn’t 
but bold in nurturing 

ravage   ravish   rave

flowers / lovers   
       - children all       

sean burn's vispo exhibition still alone in her voices about hearing voices ran in newcastle, england until the end of may and is now touring. his third full volume of poetry is that a bruise or a tattoo? is still available from www.shearsman.com/browse-poetry-books-by-author-sean-burn.
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