John Pursch

In Vitro Vaseline

Sung to correction tufa by stupa Sherpa porpoise leash, she unfurled anachronistic psychedelic attention piece by meekly held emotive scurrying fit, elongated funny flower, androgynous anterior tornado sheen eluding merely coded spinnakers.

Clicking heresy clocked in at crockery with cock-a-doodle Yankee yaw snap fistula effusion set, deciduous to saying something: “Hallowed grouper signatory bowers, steeply rushing clawed paternity in dignitary referee remuneration rinks,” in causal offhand reportage arch of booty shore entitlement.

She rippled black and waxy white a whittled wad of Ovaltine orangutan in locomotion: “Newline numbing register to peculated pralines, plopped in seeping crease foment, asynchronous city plunge to shaved port palace peace of utter fueling pickle dairy pop-top pumpernickel baritone belief inclusion bottle cropper curio,” pumping platinum in liquid filter time-slaw potion odium of car relief to basal brunt in vitro Vaseline.

She Fizzed in Bunches

So many smiles from European discotheques across ethereal anesthetic, from estuary establishments to disheveled backhoe boxcar spills to lipid ossified intentions in charbroiled publican pollution pox of socket séance ribald roads to pothole pallet folios in cellophane viola fins for falling purpose phylogeny down mutilated munchkin starts to popgun pipsqueak message glue in ticking mime balm undercard.

Carriage blame to argon nod she fizzed in bunches, blanched at pudding insignificant to ancillary whodunit capers on an eyelet, fun mascara riptide bleat ensuring umpteen fancy tomographic motto hawks.

Hum to kumquat balalaika hullabaloo in lullaby quartet deranged bicuspid paratrooper gone since slumber parity designed for cupid oddity acrostic posing cheesecake.

Herring wok down tiled penumbra, umbral spur to chosen horse cart cone implosion, nosy cellphone bony olio contusion peat repeater solvent, shod to flint erasure spoon.

Duodenal Now

Helm swat she’d pea gowned rebuttal, bobbled humble stoolie gin in defalcated pecuniary basilica bunks, barking bauxite bolides from baked bean hindquarters, hidden headwaiters, swatting flytrap metal nerve gas stigmata nun with pandering marginalia.

Kinda maids emerged from deeper muck within a stickpin radius of pie chart prop-stop poise in lively panning poll, sacking quotient slam without a salted stack of pips or scarified serration.

Hid seemed the cot could stroll on in definite leeward smokescreen dune to matrimony lure atop ateliers embodied byway flaw hyena beanstalk parrying thread, spud what duodenal now?

One Memory Evolves

I can scarcely tell time to bugger off to bigger embattled bottled drinks of kookaburra crank or cancan crabapple or blueberry botulism Bisquick, bilious or bellicose in bona fide bureaucratic bovinity, bumped daily down dendritic sheets of eyes askance in bubbled kneecap newsprint neophyte necropsy nylons stretched to baking points of proctored taxi crab cake chase routine for crouton pom-pom overtures in turncoat trampoline digestion.

She said yes, si si, all the way from Italy, viva viva joy of life, of living ecstasy rewinding youth to popcorn cavity conundrums shelved for yawning yet an altered daze sound canny fuse of cotton chandeliers to slingshot polio Bactine petroleum glyph in glycerine selfies. Buona sera, bellissima!

Sometime in September one memory evolves to utter simplicity, eluding nativity au naturel in naked fluidity, belly-flopping lucidity, highly fluted attenuation to derailed tonality, trembling turbidity, and tomboy tangerine in simulated perfidy.

South of Nowhere

“Shoe kneads it?” he repined in clued crepuscular cetacean sink to sloshing pyre utensil cork of peach front pony trepidation botany.

“Why savory Juan, fir swooner dew!” she chortled sartorially, secluded in spaceport time-slab chunky sleep injection puddle, frosting Days Again confusion cake with token virgin burial skit from Mayan merrymaking monkey slot.

“Yet Sumatran pagination puck be slaphappy spotted by the frankly riled incipient receptor keel of soft-core born cigar anchor sight predation Bonita breath platoon belief in seminar on Seizure Street,” an ambulance mechanic chimed in, appearing unseemly south of nowhere, shelved wad immaterial.

“Bolo autistic, methyl ink swap poodle fraction, aided into melt torpedo garrison glut!” she poked in cogitated camshaft clunk.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. Twice nominated for Best of the Net, his work has appeared in many literary journals. A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks. His lit-rap video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l33aUs7obVc. He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.
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