Katrinka Moore

Cosmogeny I

What You Will

                               The sea’s off somewhere, doing nothing. Listen.

The mind’s off somewhere, doing nothing. Listen,
humming to itself.

Off somewhere, doing something. Counts
elephants, waiting for thunder.

Elsewhere, nothing: out to sea, coasting
on waves.

Rides the wing of a sandpiper, whole flock
swerving in harmony.

Certainly it swerves (the mind). Listen,
back from its travels, tales.


Sits with the forest
at her back, sunlight
that slips between

leaves swallowed
by thick black
fur. Watches, eyes

veiled. Ambles
silently over up-
rooted trees, downed

limbs. An obsolete
word of unknown
origin: wild, strange

Cosmogeny II


sidetracking as an art: veer
wander      meander

step off the trail, lost,
way-seek, stray further

pause on a point
of a circle

                ( one of many around
                where you mean to return )

now this point’s the center
orbits ripple out, overlap


Katrinka Moore's latest book is Numa, published by Aqueduct Press 2014. Her website is http://katrinkamoore.weebly.com/.
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