Laurent Grison


Listen - 1
(before the explosion)

Listen - 2

Listen - 3
(silence and five sporadic noises)

Listen - 4
(background noise and five silences)

Listen - 5

Laurent Grison is a French poet, essayist and historian of art. He works regularly with visual artists and musicians.

His most recently published books are:
Prière sur le Mont Lozère (Ed. de la Margeride, 2016), with Robert Lobet ; Angle vif (Ed. Transignum, 2016), with Wanda Mihuleac ; Anacoluthe (Ed. Apeiron, 2015), with Nathan R. Grison ; Sol strié (Tardigradéditions, 2015), with Anne-Marie Jeanjean ; La langue de l’entrelacs and Vers l’hors-dans (Ed. Coco Téxèdre, 2015) with Coco Téxèdre ; Le Tombeau de Georges Perec (Ed. La Porte, 2015) ; Lumière si loin (Ed. Transignum, 2015) with Yvon Guillou ; La Pie funambule and Paysage (Ed. Raphaël Ségura, 2015 and 2014) with Raphaël Ségura ; Initiale convergence & Insaisissable (Ed. La Petite Fabrique, 2014) with Anne-Laure Héritier-Blanc ; Terrefort (Ed. des Cent regards, 2014) with Yvon Guillou ; Griffures de griffons (Ed. Souffles, 2013, Grand Prix of Artist's Book of the city of Montpellier, France), with Yvon Guillou ; Robinson dans les villes (Ed. Atelier Baie, 2013) with Nathan R. Grison.
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