William Garvin

Four Poems

...a gesture through a windscreen in a

bloodless arrondissement. baying moon,

a playroom's slender orbits,

'to see you again without knowing...'


...a disruption in the fabric; a rediscovered diary entry ('the face in the park belonged to her...'). Memories arise like possession: a stylish, if slightly run down part of the city; a plaintive song evoking one remembered as the dark angel. Outside, evening sun highlights rusting balconies, something lost in concert music reappears...


she zones within the shoreline, incognito

at evening's clerestory, deep sea

regions, dark, anonymous sleep...


notes for a fragile spring (extracts)

1. '...to sleep this starry surface she images herself primitive beneath modern centuries...

2. ...moon-marbled, skin like sea-washed stone

3. 'a coastal town in Europe, another curtain about to rise...

Two of William Garvin's poems appeared in Otoliths 28. Other poems & critical writings have appeared here & there...
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