A.A. Kostas


               Cry, don’t fall, please listen Michael.

               New wavered pungent. Frightening sounds emanate grand trusting. Thrusting upon your face. Torn crashed heaven-scraper, hesitated fracking, your hand is lacking Michael.

               Layed hayborn, cracked golden. Smoulder dim klaxon, insipidly. Moan out red crested for each exodus denied from four blasted creakings. Phlegmed scabby breath focus, building nail file surround sound. Tortuga for necromance.

               Milky sores. Laboratory pungency and yours. View vignetted since birth, angry swipes at spongey try. My moisture Michael. Desert-dropped post-slaughter, mapless.

               Consult deaf you, conjure outside please Michael, for to what ask go talk more why got but not kill now? Chunked curdle, advisory in your resplendent fecund fortune. You but panic who spins wildly scrapped. Tuned frequent for reality when regurgitates at kitchen, confusion sliced and boiled, rural pus uneaten.

               Slick mattress. Juror advocate must have. Many bars, not out now. Faulty blameworthiness mistrusted over your underdevelopment. Do not harangue me, Michael, cabbage crass treacherer.

               Manslaughter to sororcide. Man’s laughter at sorority’s insides.

               You came, stayed in. Crevice creeper through defunct beliefs. Pleaded solitaring followed by mismatched loneliness complaint. A bloated bulimic handshake.

               Ripped cryptic bloodlettings following Michael’s. Archangelic asphyxiation.

               She was your sister, Michael, not mine.

               He’s your son Michael, not mine.

               So do your time Michael, not mine.

A.A. Kostas currently resides in Melbourne and has been published in literary publications including Otoliths, The Suburban Review, and Unusual Works and was shortlisted for the Lord Mayor's Creative Writing Prize 2015. He is currently studying a Law/Arts double bachelor at Monash University. He is working on his first novel. He occasionally blogs at lookitsaakostas.tumblr.com, and can be reached at axelkostas[at]gmail[dot]com.
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