Gregg Williard

The Marquees!

The movie marquees said, Beyond the Zero Panic, Attack of the Destination Eater, the Other Thing From Another Thing, the Invasion of the From the Hell.

The marquees said, Hell For the Space Beyond, the Man, the Crab, the Planet X - X, the 20,000 Conquest Spaces, The Beyond the Night of the Blood Fathom, the Man who Saw the The, The Beyond the Time-Eater, The Attack of the Space War Satellite War Time, The Incredible, The Astounding, The Saucer, The Lost!

The marquees said, The Astro Zombie Beach, The Horror of Faustus Beach, Black Wax Museum Sunday, Day of the Night Demons, Terror of the Astounding Barrier, I Was a Teenage Versus, I Walked With a Leech, The Scream of the The, The Flesh of Unknown, The Pit and the Mask, The Melting Magnetic, The Day The Earth Teenaged, The Feast of Hands!

The marquees said, The Terror of Unbelievable Horror’s Vampire-Eater Ghost-Haunted Son of Teenage Bride’s from Outer Lust’s Petrified Leech! The Lust’s Brain from Planet Terror’s Zombie Vapor Man! The Demented, The Space Psycho, The Space Zombie Psycho, The Doctor X Aztec Mummy Astro Tomb, The Astro Vampire Versus Santo, The Santo Versus Mechana-Godzilla’s Revenge, The Astro Zombie Blood Lust Versus The Last, The End, The Final, The Lost, The Damned, The Mutant, The Beyond!

The marquees said The The, The THE The, The THE THE THE!

Gregg Williard's work has appeared in Diagram, decomP, Your Impossible Voice and The Collagist, among others.
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