AG Davis


buttresses tripping demoniacal stowaways, where do i begin? to belief, because nothing functions elated on my dragoon leering crimp, the station wagons orange in subtraction. my eyes clip sarcophagus portals in faking whisk-brine with phaedra's hussy knuckles; this displays motion because animate grange, the hollow king, summons cranium earthbound willfully, tightly. indentation winds abound. all of these inferences mine odes for abortive peninsulas, draining ghostly and androgynous wounds―a lachrymose conjuration of my flesh.


farrowed lifeforms: anubis showered, lilting sovereign apes―about autumnal fortresses to disembark, mote frills supper awaits suppuration. christen caskets cascade bloodily inside wrenching sails as faulty cleopatra rewinds. obelisk asunder crinkles diamonds with ludicrous abandon, all leading down a steep decline.

as crisp ventricles lash abated, and bled leviticus swamped rightly, my tortuous bile split undone ―and sallied forwards―to plank forming sacrilege, nipples fixed monarch time; this allurement stuns bending by coming of age, and our deft god-kill swiftly weans fractured pilgrims that yarn blustery groves immolated and still.

Born in Lubbock, Texas in 1984, AG Davis is a sound poet, performance artist and composer who resides in Jacksonville, Florida. AG Davis was recently published in the anthology, Abstract|Ext, and had a novel out in March of this year through the publisher Abstract Editions.
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