Catherine Vidler

chaingrass patterns

Catherine Vidler's collection of poems Furious Triangle was published in 2011 by Puncher & Wattmann. A chapbook, Canberra Poems, was recently published by Ginninderra Press. In October 2016 a chapbook of 28 visual poems made out of and in response to 'chaingrass', a word from Bill Manhire's poem 'Falseweed', will be published in electronic form by Jazz Cigarette (www.jazzcig.com). The present 'chaingrass patterns' come from a large collection in progress. Each pattern has arisen (by a process involving duplication, rotation, re-positioning and re-arrangement) from a fragment of text selected and 'snipped' from an original chaingrass poem with which it is paired. The chaingrass patterns are archived at http://chaingrasspatterns.weebly.com/. Chaingrass patterns also appear or are forthcoming in The New Post-literate, Overland, SCRIPTjr.nl, and RENEGADE (an international anthology of visual poetry and language arts edited by Andrew Topel). A large collection comprising both chaingrass patterns and the original set of 28 visual poems is to be published shortly by STALE OBJECTS dePRESS. In 2017, the avant objects imprint zimZalla will publish a further collection.
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