Izzy Lamb

Transilien quotidien

Patchwork seats               bare boned & gaudy

                                              each one different           burgundy

                                              signed by graffiti artists from Vernon to Provins

                                                            LA FRANCE VA
                                                            NULLE PART

                                              Echoes of Pompidou

                                              structured asymmetricals –
                                              attempts at avant-garde art

Floors once eggshell white          tinted by careless footprints
                                                             dragged over tiles

                               Under seats
                                                             abandoned Le Mondes with yesterday’s date

                                                                                          Nouveau rebond du chômage
                                                                                          et statistiques publiées

                                                             Splayed out                open

                                                                                                                        made for bins

Izzy Lamb is a Creative Writing student at Edge Hill University. She has been published by The Pygmy Giant, and will shortly be published by Spillwords.
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