John Pursch

Candy Quark-All

Loose fragments of swigged parturition come to in easy phalanx, rigging consciousness to boardroom masthead with quail belongings, stretched to tendinitis hebephrenia outlet by galvanic interrogation.

Why not deleterious heroics, as spatially as ashcan becoming of a public ostrich for withering baseball cores, unwound rubber highways to helter coriander palaver, motifs of extorted tomatoes in perpetuated exile down chosen mood alleys? Streets fall in fingered silos, recombined in heckled pence to courier urgency of lectured incense, subjugating walled fluency of known indigenous waterfowl to hoisted catamarans on corralled leeway climbs up leather vineyard trellis ports in sighing unfelt by loyal partisans.

“Scab, Tan Kursk, habitual K, swans known as Crucible X, holder of the hexed contextual ingredient, insects plowing lost weeks to Dazed Against in shock troop paramour of buried haze,” semi-opines MM-33, dancing her way from Lung Island parity to chic Madhatter supper town apportionment, wattage with JFK-99 in necktie tow.

“I uh Marilyn are you uh quite sure this is the uh correct whirled view…” Jacaranda Fits Geraldo Scanner Ease emotes from shaven mourning clover, sparsely compatible within a bubbled nautical formality.

“Oh, quietly assured by noon utter tan your periscope of soporifically optical and corrugated hair, won by Byobby Byline Schenectady, erstwhile sentient door from the grape spate of Your Nuke,” MM-33 replies over tugging poultice pad. “Now please adjudicate your codpiece, Mr. Precedent; this is supposed to be a costume ball.”

Reaching low to service her escort, she simultaneously rings the porous swelling doorbell sand, instantly revealing the snow-wide visionary visage of Candy Hole-in-the-Wall Quark-all.

“Swollen tree rings, clam hung fin, slovenly Paraffin!” laconic blast from Candy Quark-all’s clarified plastic coven of switchback glade delectable, clapped tongue, spanned abridgement matrimony, shorn secrecy, and generated pineal propriety. “Swat’s disk? Eyesore ewe half a pressed credential surface seeker in tow!” eyeing the sampled young flesh of her lobotic jacaranda indie blocks.

“I uh is this the uh proverbial and uh oh-so-swell-renowned rear entrance to the Foveal Orifice?” JFK-99 ventures a guest, a quest, a fittingly disgusting jest, squall mint in food gum.

“Quiet the punster, swill ya, Marilyn?” Candy invokes eminent profanity, seeing as this hiss her demesne de demented domain.

“Souffle de Corsican, decorticated decoupage,” MM-33 smiles, taps her lapel, stanching Jack’s heretofore quietly visible drool. “Spittle work to be dunned; snake connote to Emily back at the Labrador. Fear knot, Candy; hundreds of backup jacarandas indie scar heft this Juan cans tinea due mile fiction.”

“Serried vale, wheel keep a knight on him,” Queen Quark-Holy motioned in her matron de fractal, spin to tractatus ontological filibustered Austrolopithicus.

“Respiring for puberty, Your Charmed Estrangement Bioflavonoid,” curtseying.

“Very well, swatch, this cloned precedent, or should eye spay, precedential candid eight, within a beagle’s sigh. Crook no barter, inject him at the slide kiss scintilla of misty-eyed tergiversation. Dare high deign to repeal, Mister Snow-Culled Precedent, tare har literally hundreds of kindled sprites swatting in the cur, all changing at two bits flora smeared glimmer oven hop or tuned itchy to snow mulch hash snuff tea hairpiece of handy tonnage sour delisted pests.”

Cellophane Sailor

Waistband illusion corridor spills flinty-faced geraniums down skyline rust to musky musket salesman on repeater phase of germinating shin decrees. Frost imputes atypicality in triplicate, fusing soldered manacles to gathering clouds. Motorcycles resonate with hallowed cabbie friendship slaves, filling autoclaves within a human dungeon foot of inset taproom waterline go-lucky humid rock spar jib to missing shirt.

Put on unbuttoned carryall, pleased sofa, in otter mendacity forgotten ice creek afloat on situated dendritic paraffin or dorsal doorman stopping rules or chasms into stark and darkened inklings. Hovering just above freezing, Cowboy Ike Cargo, nee Cardigan the Sharpest Cork, came fluttering likely candidate, assiduous in perspectival notoriety across impending tusk recital head mutation sink ajar to tumid tutu gamete plop of flecked cement.

“Aha, achoo, acclimatized caboose kin tucked into a plethora of walnut feeling motley nudging nutmeg lift in numbly nimble underarm, the other aunt of wan Peduncular Sam!” Ike cannily resumed the sly induction of imminent lobotic denizens from She-Town’s kumquat overcrowded streets.

“Hit’s reeling queasy, potable ant flotilla alley plain as painless assimilation heaven good be!” he worked the gathering crowd with various subliminal rays, grazing on their idling curios of ossified instruction métier. “Slide right up the shimmering ecstatic beam to puerile pulled-back and polished leisure. Kiss yer life of toiling hand-to-sand frustration heel-to-penny ante toehold warp behind aloof and satin freebie cluck-alive contestant keys to amorous astringent future dreamboat scarcity rescinded into pleated luxurious syrup of timeless cocoa drip.”

Sure as surety, swim by swans by swaggering touchstone swamis in a headrest, they filed on up in lucid steaming matter stream to wading sky-straddling military transport, piloted by nun udder tan LL-52 (mirror scrimmage of the finned amorphous LL-25, maybe Lola’s flavor-eyed lobot). Spoon the sheets of Slot She’s Cargo whirred halibut Humpty Dumpster, satin keelhauled and trailing light sewn mulch flotsam and jet set hambone striking underwear mastiffs.

“Nuts in quiet lichen silent street coroner,” Ike mused to known swans in particulate pasteboard consciousness, wad wooden hex scrape the deafened seers of handy tandem neural screen door aspiration’s univalent ears.

So nooner had Psyche teleported hup to Lola’s smothering chimp than swaddle canoe heft the bars sand varooms hand restive haunts and cheap motels of She-Town erupted with a fleshy broth of nude lobotic turnstile chompers, chesty veritable have a hunch of fresher facials, massed sauce garrisons, emotive fickle knees and lot-puck shocking tsars, doors slide aglide athwart of halitosis aliquots in bedlam’s bony bifurcating bison flex of mutinous spume amity.

Lola smiled hand Psyche crust hooked his head: “Snuffin’ slight chop security; an endless supine alloy.”

Lola nodded. “Swell piggyback ‘em all wench swerve topped soft the tanks at MJ-23. Asphalt snow, weir south a veer, hash day Ceylon, cellophane sailor.”

The ship went trans-bosonic, hitched a grab on a vitiated situational fave, and sloughed off timely spacy sold dump aureole phlegm ear to shiny cease, wherein clovered unmentionables egress to soon ignite with tea grounds offal beans. Lola thought it through to soggy pilot, tan retired to blanche wit Psyche.

Has they sated dim shelves, she slang a schlong of sex pens: “Whittled Poi Glue, scum glow her porn. The sheet’s in mementos, the gown’s in the corner. Wherefore arse, though Chrome-Eyed Hosts swill Greek us spoon, apron survival shove befit us, in funny gold paradoxically whale-combing pal net airy sighing slant culled MJ-23.”

Yeti, sum house hirsute ably becalmed prosody devolved to spangled tarry sniff, mod sunlight dish fairy textual hex brag of ants. Moan at her, sky ham paws posit if hue cam sportive sol ought.

Fried Crimean Jungle

Hot blue sky boiling in fatted acidic rodeo of cloud collusion nonchalance, standoffish smiles in taxi girl calamity she wobbles double stilt attack to grab arm single municipal carryall kill, barking up wrong cesspool.

“How detergent seed can make imploding nag drink sake day by nylon daisy chain gang fluid imposition welt?” she tugs imploring all gangly donut style in wrench-coast byway of sworn alley cat lies.

Freddie the Crimean Jungle, human waveform outa fifty morphing interspecial statutes, surly migratory tome of biological sketch in turbid counter girl contemporary hobo routine, just plays it simpleton axe handle gag: “Whadaya trinket Siam, vapid tundra flake of inkling woozy methylene dyed oxymoronic in a cold vat of cured parabolic cocoa spatter?”

Lets off a long cacophony of exhaled needles soaked in haywire, givin’ her the penultimate eye before proceeding to inspect the navel for glass planet crustacean coriander. “Swat, known answer? Chesty Eye thought, tied as a stumbling beer stein’s brewed bubonic pupae,” spitting strung-out lemur drowned to portable balloon.

“Swelled-up science, Mister, gulping Eyesore nebbish cement underthings indecent oar improper redoubt it!” she pleads the fiftieth cement mint to the Conned Spittoon Shin Huff the Untied States of Americon, wad she cones by heart attach.

“O’Eau contrail, éclair!” interjects Fried Crimean underbelly upstart in switchback logging suppuration of fueling maelstrom docking maneuver, plants all shedding wad everlasting furnace pedals swan bibliophilic bicycle guards have severed served the pollenated freezing ointment, alimentary sores udder wise in swizzle schtick of publicly galvanic residue.

Air bubbles obtain visual can talk down twitching wirehair net tureen of plover chalk-line, smacking lipid avenue turbidity in turpitude of task girl insouciance, garters glowing now in spoon-day sunbreak, swarming phlegm all sidereal crab leg stipend pomp and Fried he’s sluicing antsy semblance of coed hearsay, plumped to seesaw pucker basket pillow, rarefied to curio encasement status of inappropriate apple rope predation.

“Snow chesty doggone minuteman missive hear ye hear ye, swan of pie slant, dew hick sigh be or nod to Graf Spee, the most crusty bane of secret tonics…” his voice trails off in muttering effluent of wasted fly swatter treatment plunger, fractionated cries submerged in flesh jobbers, bleached-out bakery flak, thirsty deckhand mojo leaves, and coddled egg serration spliff.

LL-52 she flashes subtitled grin, Swahili interoffice mammal oratory gouged sliding paver scones to crosscut barter at a laid mutation regulation clover tome of seagull statues, pinching fake offal heaps in spotted handfuls of Cretan mortuary Swede Shucks Teen (her flavor itch demonstrably earpiece idiotic frown).

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. Twice nominated for Best of the Net, his work has appeared in many literary journals. A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks. His lit-rap video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l33aUs7obVc. He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.
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