Wayne Mason

Radio Earth

Factories playing
      radios of

The spiritual intervention of
    simple movement

Mechanical zen lost in
       the hum 

Linear contortion where fiction preaches denial

Transformation into musical compositions, this
            Use of light and dusk

Right on with the great deal of

I am not
That hidden

By Word Multiplying Time

Of wide infinity lines, 

Internal absolute, 
the factory of words. Dreamachine and minds 
      inseminating flexible wandering frequency in interrogation. Meaning a rapid 
 past, the  
           dream life overlapping, drifting over 

            Walking, pattering 
 Beat and chase 
              free jazz meditation, and perspective of image 

      I can 
 point using familiar 

 which mind 
             has is inventive 
     present white noise?

           By word multiplying time…

An Apocalypse More Deadly

A gap is an endless stream of human sound verbalizers’ engine and holiness of heaven in secret places. Vultures circle dead of numbers that do not want to talk.

Fantasia metal and war machines will fall from heaven....

Reset revolutions, enlightened public officials to respond myths, movement of gravity, the shapes of strange UFO and otherwise. Landscapes replaced by robotic shadows and sounds in the dark.

The voices whisper in the shadow of the machine. Drunk, sad American poets watch the prison buildings and steel perimeters.

A stable disease leaves the factory, stopped falling monsters footsteps. Only silence.

"I'm going to the moon, the stars, forgetting the moon does not extinguish the sun. In this regard, we shall go out and create much more power thought trapped in dream. Prayer pitter-patter-spitting snuff smoke. An extension, simple and poetic made between -eternity.”

The sun is above the horizon waiting for the explosion, and the voice of the angels, a certain proportion of thinking and expressive approaches.

The Stain Remains

Use the pre-programmed 
           dream, my 
 interior night

             as to 
     something I 
 hear and run= consciousness. 

the film we play:
             pre-recorded road 
     moon shapes the 
             long programming 

             Ego/cut/ Replicate 
              breathing sensual memories? 


 stain remains

Wayne Mason is a writer and sound artist from Central Florida. He is the author of six chapbooks, and is the former poetry editor for Side Of Grits, and The Tampa Bay Muse. Wayne Mason has also been active in experimental music for over twenty years recording ambient, experimental and noise sounds, both solo and as one half of the electronic project Blk/Mas.
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