Massimo Stirneri


sinking ship(s) on a stretch of water,

"king"'s hip reflecting, to, the so called

a glass-like distance
heavy a/stonished sinner
is dragged in the weeds


a smell of bread
some moisture condensed up to my shoes
we still suffer from the doorway snuffer somewhere in the landscape
                (a smell of her)


this is not a kind of
kind silence when the voice blends
kinky gap of a cut-off date

now he greets damp fogs, he comes to mist
a murmuring – lower

a swish
or the sizzling weeping willows reborn (also called:)


people of this ward are very simple
patrolled memories, reports of denseness


these are official tracks
the original Cartesian coordinate system&sound

so ghosts overruns
                               their host
time up for negotiation

in the wake of [the picture of it]
an ache to study trips


for dogmas passed down, of panoramic views
his yearning for a holiday: hills around the lake

this land gets paid every season in seeds –
a relaxed bishop is walking under the town's walls


drawing memories from a swift distance
took the gathering of traces in the wings:
more of me, un upgrade close to usury

forgetful of all but the cushy edge (: that hurts)


essentially identical, e.g. escapes, happenings

from afar this lake dries up
dead isle – ache
no more holiday resort

also because identical, e.g. convergence point, distances

in its proximity
uproot the signs
(if you love me)


I quietly
                wave my                lag

pale Alpha flat
                A one letter alphabet


                               unfamiliar the cradle where I sleep and guard
                               my adulthood: eyes wide

it gets out of shape
a lake can not climb:

hostile – whereas indifferent

it can caress us, only
in foggy whereabouts (?)


I recognize this extraneousness

don't fold lower

which means they never fall together (as it gets his head)

a fixed item on agenda –
bounce against the axis behind


the about face – a further layer of damp noise to plug
promised lands slim down from above – above-board

idle journeys through pressure upwards
this bungee cord working sidelong

Massimo Stirneri is a writer in crisis for the next 10 years, photographer, reblogger and marginalized heir of Orpheus.

THE FURTHER BOOK is the fourth book of a series called "livres de chevet." The third, Nefomanzie (2014-2016), can be received as a PDF by sending a request email to him.

Other works can be seen in previous issues of Otoliths.

There is a website where he gathers images, his Italian and English stuff and things like these: restlessmuseum.tumblr.com.

E-mail: museonascosto[at]gmail[dot]com
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