Natsuko Hirata

        How do I ponder in       a kaleidoscope
                             pond?       Heartily.     
                      The Ram crosses a dune  
                                  merging sky     
                        from East to West.

             Theater Set

Silken gut suspends staged ship.
    Waterlogged Cancers tryst 
            at spiral staircase 
under triumphal arch.
        As soldiers pass,  
     Cancers hide in shadow.
The eclipsed Full Moon on Wednesday,
        the sequel—, no.

Natsuko Hirata is a resident of Tokyo, She is the editor of Quince Wharf, an e-journal that includes translations into Japanese of poetry in English, and she has done translations of the work of Sandy McIntosh and Thomas Fink. Her poetry has appeared in the Marsh Hawk Review, Otoliths,and BlazeVOX.
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