AG Davis

(For R.N.C.)

counting the roman digits, streams, mirrors, nil, frost with spearing, north wrist bath, bathing wrist, as you bathe your wrist? or dry in sunspots that film 40 days & 40 nights, these 40 coils, that film these 40 silver wedges, these 40 gray sparrows hanging, filmed, wings torn, beaks broken, hanging from the tops of hangnail buildings, imagined white, this hanging cloth stained with acrobatic curses, nailed the charred seas baking in eyeless necklaces, closed the chase or became part of her tempered legion, some legion or any legion, timeliness of wrists, said to magdalene about her injected search, spying subject to breach the line of feet, nails & tears, audio devices, claws, the amazon, parts aside from adam to david to 1000 years to perpetuity, after the last ‘of mine’ is bound to object, after my body, shilled, is emptied, as my body is related to your destined search, this meat-divinity-brainstem, calibrated, point blank at your abysmally threaded 'consciousness', because you unknowingly disrupt implantation of persons, yet pretend to know, you formulate & then laugh at eagle-breadth-burrows with hardened retina, hither, my head as shears, these scissors mold cryptic gravity, your gravity, cystic silent verbs & this obtuse verb that sits dormant in your being, closed as in its infancy, closed to the closest to resources of the seventh instrumental seal, some harried end we mentioned earlier, as all thoughts, endless thoughts occurring, can never be known, or not known, but it is not stated, nor has it been told, nor is it known or mentioned, nor brought in-between, to you, closer, nor nearer to these wrists, these acting wrists sewn in holography - these adulterated wrists lined with many surfaces - these ‘forever’ wrists have been eclipsed - and where, i ask, is the land to fill my body and keep me still?

Born in Lubbock, Texas in 1984, AG Davis is a sound poet, performance artist and composer who resides in Jacksonville, Florida. AG was recently published in the anthology, Abstract|Ext, and had a novel out in March of this year through the publisher Abstract Editions.
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