Douglas Barbour & Sheila E. Murphy

Continuations C:

not an eon   yet
                years crisscross eras
    lightly identified a seizure
                of self   regard
they say    re-guard
    a border mentality morassed

erasmus moistened doc
                trine     materially witnessed
    finesse            light-filled
to search out     seized       identities
                still human      regarding
    mortification of fleshly sights unseen

unfelt or imperceptible   a matter
                of gain (said
    opposed then   thumbs
                downed or drowned
in tears of s(h)ame
    less mortal loss of

sand aids in keeping
                surfaces harsh                 as miniature swarm
of obstacles     protect by stopgap    tiny humps
                those individuals        tall to the ground
                from     their moment

slippage    a slope too far
                a way    too for
    lorn or got    wind
                rows   rows   ro
    bot   banality    oiled
                primed    for a fall

loping in light wind
                neighbors approach
     an other
                wise roiling     (un)even
  banter                unrhymed
         winding of new history (ga lore

a grave lie   gravitas   bloody
    fall    black (w)hole
                some kind of story there
unresolved    a mystery play for
    all the marbled glory
                hoary tale teller whispers

rapture                 lets spin
                through lines d raw n
                               ludic fallacy
      a lack of hologram                eye
                sight mists      over when and if
the grave(s)tone holds                its gravitas

inscribed    a hard cut into stone(d) face
    of power mad(e) only more power
                full of self sell solid as trans
                lucent    parent    mission
impossible to describe    a cross
    a(nd) great divide

in principle division readily
                becomes a problem      although rent
    quintuples after a sale
                               for one                 yields
pure stone for the other                pow
                a place to cross     to salvage    a full tribe

all revolt    aleatory narratives repeat
    revenge in many tongues all lost now
                to the general crowd noise
a nosy parker &nbsop  penned
    in   last seen in the last scene
                of this ‘tragedy’ (as asserted

chance unevenness g rows
                loud     between the urgencies
                               perfume trumps voltage
     leveling at last      a stationary penmanship
                (someone say something)
                               repeated to incent                crowd cover

read as a non tell   a vision only
                of the undercover agent (see
                   below   a footnote too high
    to hear   too heart felt as you know how to
                whistle don’t you   that classic
                   come on home lasso

paired with an elastic spirit
                the upstart caliber           reverts
                to gentry in a vision
     homespun                 spawned of
                agent desire      stippled
                               in or near the sub-stance

sub-moronic   grab aholt of that re
                volver    solver
    though unasked questions
                remain    remains
                   of the fray    fractured
quest   companionship sinking

                status quo firms the unevolved stance
cramping post-quest integers
                               stated as amounts
                mount up unsolved
                                              salvation has been taught
                   to need indulgence distant from all selves

every you must pay for such
    indulgences    a gift really
                to the lurch of the savor
    saving trace    race to
                the bottom   out
                   faced and factor(i)ed

whosoever acts shall be
                apart from the(e) imparted
                                                  notice sanctions differ from
    the sanctuary                indwelling lovelines(s)
                chance a way through
                               nimblesse surely as young sparks

high heeled    boys will burn low
    (g)lowering ever further into the dark
                demands   sanctioned by a
                   whom tolled even for their smallest toil
                tallied by the darker angles
                               hoicked and hooking for losses

rally the
                (s)tories                post-lark
                               Venn diagrammed       oil
                for whom                (for further
                               reference o                taste (and see)

o take and say
                it’s but a gift    from all
    to some    hat(e)
                worn with the best
                   waste    not wanted
    poster    poseur    posse

                most liftoffs westerly
                                              take the frenzy out of
    fact                once smooth    trajectory
                distends into                     the readily worn
                     habits of dis
                               repair                  respect                 engagement

sedentary loss of the noble gripe
    gripped by passion   (worsted
                filled or filed into
                   boxed (in) sets
    settle this the Gordian way
                those cuts will bleed    belated

riptide versus blessing
                (simple ox cart perhaps crossing)
                               taint’s volume embellishes last things
    via projection on the poor                 the seeking
                               and the tanned hide
                leathered empty                having already bled shut

stained   as statu(t)e    of the given
                fated    failure will out
   shine a lit     bonfire of
                the vanishings    vain
                   to wish it otherwise
                say   wistful   loungings at the top

subtlety                beneath bonhomie
                repeals a caustic fire
                                              foreign to the core
    the givens as dis
                tinctured                with fate
                               banishing the best in us

in or out of Coventry    a coven
                try at something other
   than weaker    or whether
                a spelling distorted    dis
                               trusted as alien
                distorts as law less than leave

kinship spells us
                from alienation if and only
                               if distortion comes unbranded
    it is for keepsakes we convene
                fearing to venture          to the reign
                               and in the rain

whose is that dark cloud clouds
                minds and hearts   is white
                   noise blackening (blanking
out   as pot blaming scuttle from
                thought   full mess of
                   a man (age) meant to deride

ankle depth       lame motion
                (sickness)                shuttles vile wish
                               into production that
    induces blame where ought
                might overtake the loud mess
                               yielding aught

naught eye   (third and closed
                for upgrades    uppity
    graduates look every which way
                loosed on the spiritless
                   hoard   ings boarding
                               house blues a century past

pity the spirit has been
                hoarded                a century’s worth
    of impotence disguised as
                               moral                amounts to
has-been blues                weighing only
                the allowable thresh-

handhelds    bits or bytes buy
                better days    dark nights
   help no one sing to morning
                blood thirst blames an other
                   stuck in the muddle again
st rung out on (t)hat(e) drug

                stuck when bitten in repeatable
unsung mourning                as the shallow
                               light (unstrained) holds (back)
    its own say-so
                un-startling in the widespread

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