Douglas Barbour & Sheila E. Murphy

Continuations CI:

the widespread darkness of a standing wave
                pushes into the drowning interior
                 a false fog fronting every dream
                               apocalypse unfolding   as if a cloud of
                ink hovered over the open page of the world
                               s diary   just about to sp(o)il(l)

linkage every
                where                 spare parts twisted
                     into ark      floating upon   rio muerto    inked
                               on kingly dream lines
                                              whirled and false and standing
    for the loss of worlds      pieced from      diaries

a daily whirled wanting nothing less than nothing
                more a vision quattrocentoed into fire
                   and rain   (body parts   engines of
                destruction scattered along sure lines
                   laid flat    sands of timidity
                               erase the momentary hidden

having                offloaded what is
                difficult onto                  the least equipped
                               (b)laming the already
                                              dismissed           in pieces
                strewn around habitual humidity
                               flat out for all moments

airy nothing begs    a quest for
    simpler solutions than computer
                complacent comprehension can
    construct    an organization of or on
                the ground   swelled hearts
                   mind (to mend) wounded desire

wellspring ends the wounds
                sired by anti-
swell                   hyped mindset
                projecting simpler faster ways
                               of breaking    breastfed hearts

broken hearths send smoke signals to
                that sky a screen turned off
    tuned out    a solid state of
                the heart    down
    seized    a sudden trauma
                teased alert mess hauled away

the urn a way of
                holding maudlin elements
                               or joie de vivre
                                              in state    heartfelt
                smoke signaling      sky shapes
                               for preliminary screening

screaming memes    ease of shaping
    policy    matters not   noted bene
                factors into every calculation of
voting odds    or oddition   for
    a future (s)election   all a
                loan   sharked and awed

emboldened by shapes
                lifted                  a rendition
                               to the left      some
    lark place returns to show
the odd man out amid
                               unlikely winter noise

choice   as a slogan leering
    spin   all tapped out
                rapped off   a ream
for reason    able   to deceive
                all nested in the new moan
                   s armor   just birds in the bush

just reams of tabled
                ease      tap shoes lagging
                               upon sponge floors
                antiseptic urgency moans along
                               the lingering bird lines
                 as sensory     rapt      chance turned

enhanced burn    down the mission impossibilities
                chanced upon    a radical motion
                   potion in the water supply might
                not right   be the answer
                   what was the confession    death
    bad and bored beyond comprehension

outreach tending toward
                prehensile                     arches
                the back                to gather what
    supplies persistently go thin                and thus
                prompt yearning for
                               one or another of the scarce ingredients

in a recipe for this pastor    eyes
    fronting for what dark
                test of reason    gone
into the blackest   tunnel of
                covet    or buy borrow
                   steal   a way from thought

                one of the teal
                coated                placements
     vetted by a good eye
recalls the sleuth
                entrenched in rows
                               of lookalikes in shifting seasons

sifting reasons    to behave
    that sly tune backing the noir
                never newer than old fashioned
    toss away the key    wards
                for the frightened factions
                   factoring only their own fractious

having versus not                strips commonality
                warding off other
                               to the right fact-free
                de facto fractious
                               frippery while places filled
                                              with people yearn and burn

and turn toward a possible gift society
    a way away from the take   the fake
                the rake it all in   riven
    off   the recording angle
                crippled in the
                   mind so full of refusal

sigh      a way
                cordwood         tangled
                               bleeds afar from take to
    riven                               ripped from
                fusion                in the mind
                               like siblings

simple settings    sittings   for
                the two party tease   with the mad
    ratter    them all out
                side the perimeter   a fear
    fenced in fuels something dark
                er   or    defaulted

advent stiffs the thing itself
                by way of attention
                               dark days           faultline
    party buoyancy subtracted
                from the sitting
                               presence bought and paid for

an avatar of avarice sits barren
                so(u)l(e)d out and soiled before
    a purview purveyed by bank towers
                there might be an app for that
    under-written of course   coarse as
                the bribe never mentioned

oil writ large upon fresh canvas
                apt to showcase motive
                               actual and contagious
    a purview of the wound
                under the tribe that is
                               pervasive      barren    all of us

allusive as ever an illusion would be
                kong    top of the world mammon
                   trope of the wild     famine
of minds running on empty    idiot
                logical engine   after the peak
                   canned ease the only trade-off

longing replaces lasting
                independent of the gin
                               radar    off center           kilt
     wild androids loose                would
                               scamper versus lope
                to have a parcel of thin logic just delivered

asap to what cabal (meaning cabinet
                ma(r)ker   matter   not(e)
                   secretary lariat   hauling
                the big news in for out
                   rage against the (other
                               moneyed) machination

one at a time                    nations cry out to
                the void                the plural
                               of new                so many hunches left
                                              on the table
         mean(while), caravans push into                hush lanes
                               so many silver cradles

spans full   spins full    bored
    barren     ballooned as unbudging
                (budgeting)   begetting a dynasty
                   deferred    ( not deference
    a way of (not) seeing   &nbs; lines
                on a graph    a falling (out

wrens touch down
                               in graphic renderings
        sense not sight lines fall
                               dynamic beginning spans
                budgetary flight from difference
                               in spin mode loons still call

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