Christopher Barnes

Lord Byron Is Tracked By GPS

But saving this
     You like
Such as in Monmouth-Street
     Would rig
And even
Where prettier
For, bating Covent Garden
No place

on underware’s index
vanilla meridians, barista forth
where window-lickers dawdle
flave clientele to exquisite buffage
skells import loveliness
droids wheeze rettes
all le chat
is ever fugly in unsparkling light

Lord Byron Goes For An Ultrasound

Kingdoms and empires
     I have outlived
And when I
     Of my own years
Like a wild
     Something –
A spirit of
Even for

jitter in cell grits
rang-a-tang infirmities
coffee-spit incubated bile
as a yo-boy all edged
flapdoodle in derro-ville
gutsachey pops
twannie indulgence
me it’s a zofting flinch

Lord Byron Makes A Sexual Health Clinic Appointment

Oh that thou
     The fool
The solitude
     Has lost its
There may be others
     I am not
I feel an ebb
And the tide

muntered a laundered dossbag
and his bust juice gratefully unplug
of recovering is a slider’s brother
scrangy thrills
drooly on Monte Blanco
a lamp-genie, more-time!
the hoolies fade
vibes onto its raggedy hem

Lord Byron Leaves DNA On A Cup

Perhaps – the workings
     Within me,
Brought on
     Perhaps a harder
For all
And with light
Have taught me
The chief companion

of astrals and identities smudge
the pissant double helix uncoils
by an inconsiderable flob
look would evidence bones
ridgy-didge night stars we infest
the pinpoint takes its centre, these
skin-pops too are evolving
is human dregs

Lord Byron Bungee Jumps For Charity

For thee
     I know myself
We were and are
It is the same
     From life’s
We are entwined
The tie which bound

this wooshious stunt
peaky, devil-may-care
mardies, once only the S.A.S.
stoked for function
psych out any aviation blonde entertains
wilding nerves
star-spas, chavvie-close
rakes up wamba for the penniless

Christopher Barnes’ first collection LOVEBITES was published by Chanticleer Press. He reads for Proudwords lesbian and gay writing festival each year, partakes in workshops, and co-edited the poetry magazine Interpoetry.
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