Daniel John Pilkington

memento mori


i memo: men rot,
meme rot. i'm no
rim onto meme,
no mot. i’m mere
monomer time.


mire? me? no mot/
rime? men moot.
men moor time
in om (tree mom).
men emit room.


i memo: men rot.
men room time,
mom or teem in
i.e. men moot mr.
it one memo mr.


metronome! i'm
memo tenor. i'm
meme monitor,
mr emote: i'm on.
m o : om in meter.


i'm no REM tome,
memoir to men,
mime to men or
eon trim. memo:
i’m me. not more.


not me! i'm more
moiré moment,
motor in meme
to meme. i morn
to rime: om/men


o men! mime ort:
me. mite! moron!
merit one mom.
miter no memo.
miter om – omen!


mom entire?
mr onetime?
memoir net?
omen timer?
emir to men?

I? (re moment)


o moment rime!
o mime mentor!
o nom! remit me.
o memo minter!
i’m ore moment.

I moment, more…


eemmmnooirt :
mono met rime
root mime men
mine memo tor
rim mete mono}

moon. REM time.




   determining ‘emptiness’  

               gravel, hope:   I
               jealously keep 


mercifully nurturing 

               perfecting quaquaversal restless 


   the universe/verses will 


Daniel John Pilkington is a poet from Melbourne. He is currently studying an MFA in poetry at the University of Massachusetts.
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