Joe Balaz

Three Hawaiian Islands Pidgin Poems


It’s coming fast and rambunctious
wit dis timeclock in my head now

cause just like dat rabbit talking to Alice
da subconscious stay all frantic.

I’m moving like wun bullet,

wun rocket, wun laser,

zipping through da air
like my common sense no even care.

On wun rush to make da light
I stay driven by forces unseen

wit my foot flat on da pedal.

Da heart stay all buckaloose
running from da noose

dangled by wun guy wit wun boney face
wearing wun long black robe.

I gaddah get all da nuances down
before da curtain touches da floor

and all da sparks in my brain
decide to leave da theater.

How dis play going end
nobody really knows

so I might as well fill it up

wit as many different scenes
as dis attentive mind can conceive.


Sitting in first class

she got da job
as wun company executive

because her faddah
wuz da chairman of da major airline.

from New York City

she forced wun Korean passenger jet
taxiing on da tarmac

to return to da gate.

She den ordered
wun flight attendant off of da plane

because she wuz served
macadamia nuts in wun bag

instead of on wun plate.

She had to resign
in the media uproar

because she embarrassed
her family and her country

wit her selfish and arrogant behavior.

Before da news making tantrum

da flavorful nut
dat played wun part in da young woman’s demise

wuz unfamiliar to many South Koreans.

Dat wen really change dough

because suddenly in Seoul
sales are booming.

Tanks to da nutty princess
dere’s wun huge windfall

and now on da home front

macadamia nuts
are growing in popularity

and flying off of da shelves
like good old-fashioned kimchee.


Dose young people wuz pretty brave
at dere graduation ceremony

heading off into uncharted waters
just like dere ancestors did

wen dey wen find new islands
way out heah in da north Pacific.

Dey wen ride wun symbolic canoe

even as some people in da audience
taught dat dey wuz showing disrespect.

Da sails wen hold strong and steady dough
through da presentation of da Star-Spangled Banner.

It wuz significant to see questioning minds
willing to take wun stand

witout standing.

School administrators wen criticize dem latah
foa wat dey did

but da storm waves and da howling wind
no can diminish da resolve.

Dere alma mater’s mission up on da hill
is foa educate Hawaiians to excel in da world—

looks like some of dem
have been awakened to wun greater challenge.

Kanaka Maoli and courageous
linked to da stones of da land

dey are clearly satisfied
wit da choice at hand.



Kanaka Maoli

To break out; to go for it; to go wild.


Native Hawaiian. A people that have different political views, from being part of the United States to favoring sovereignty.

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