John M. Bennett


ojo sin luz
ojo sin arena
ojo sin hoja
ojo sin labio
ojo sin lomo
ojo sin lápiz
ojo sin hueso
ojo sin ángulo
ojo sin asno
ojo sin culo
ojo sin huevo
ojo sin chingatumadre
ojo sin cielo
ojo sin calcetín
ojo sin rata
ojo sin raja
ojo sin rumbo
ojo sin árbol
ojo sin ardid
ojo sin sicario
ojo sin rastro
ojo sin nalga
ojo sin lana
ojo sin ombligo
ojo sin narizdelmundo
ojo sin efectivo
ojo sin hambre
ojo sin chile
ojo sin chiste
ojo sin ojo
ojo sin alba que surge del agua


d rip the leg 's d un
g ape th ingks in ra
in's coll apsant nos
tril ls and coughs an
c off s torm of gl
ass vents the epi
dermis - viento ,ven
tana ,voz
where the guts oncet
r oiled ¡ay the s
urging g utter!

)at last at last(

my dream of forks and
stolen camera


endraggled s.tone yr h
off leg comp acted was
a .bubusiness is ff,,,in
gered c lay yr r.aft
er s pray an prey
.choose the gr ease ph
onetics ch oose the ttex
t sidecutoff a wadded
in the ff.ire yr w
atch co~n~ceals is
finger/talk sm ashed
betweneath uh rock ?

shshit in shoe

f lung a way

hand's rendered dust yr
fat leg a s tick re
members was a cow
sleeping in a basement t
ouch the mild ewed
wall or curtain und
ulation hiding miles of
clay if clay were b
read your meat air th
ickens on yr snored
mot es a c loud gn
ashing in a sssssilence

- C. Mehrl Bennett

said fly

yr time's sore wrist yr
ant path's jjaw h
ole where words are
lost if lost the breath
you took was Tormenta
con los OjOs circulares
,circul ulación de las
tardes no one will re
member is the page or
aafterbirth ppuddled in
the bbasement ffloordrain
.what's on my writthen door
,clouds or .g.n.a.t.s. . . . . .

     - for Bibiana Padilla Maltos

your migraine is a hole in
air where time chews its
tongue the tongue a wall of
light gravel falls from the
concrete your face flats on
face sails tattered
wwind wwwind closes
its eyes are numbers turn
up turn up streaked with
mud and spit

la migraña es crita es
la toalla que te llena la
bboca portal de una
mañana con alas de
al ambre y g rasa

La migraña es el agujero en el
aire donde el tiempo se refugia
- John M. Bennett


sisilábico por el basurero
de libros' embedded page was
glass vibrating idioms
,o lengua de astillas .añicos
cluster round parking
meters were the plated g
rapes you spilled or sp
elled in ah g utter ahspiraste
verbos mamasticados en
el sótano de la biblioteca
pistolas y leche pipistolas y
conscious rust
in the wheel's center léxico
de imbéciles parked in the
middle of the block is
morpheme sleep and sp
attered walls covered the codex

mi casa en tu regazo

Chewed in The loom of Language
by Ivan Argüelles

wash the faucet

it was comatose
flooded with soup
pants down the current
yr deconnecktions broke

dung and ladders gone

     for Bibiana Padilla Maltos

dream of a road trip your
hairy tail flopping behind as
you turn around open your
mouth the beginning nears
bees return to your mouth
return and leave un cántaro
de agua buried under stones
you pass and pass again
past the leaves rising from a hole


bubble void yr
nap con pression
cómete un aire
cricstal de fango
forget the meteor

“outer snore”


riddle me ,one or
naught ,puleantic
,glum one ,feetsness
dodder in the soap



my mouth's looser joint your
face deforked inversal mine
an itchtalk was a suit clot's f
lagsweat was ...el escrache pop
... apagar la tele masticar la

yr stifffist crawls yr pants' crow
ded cloud yr pocket swells ,yr
scissored snore in wobbly
crowd's a chunk raised before yr eye

...el esculco de la palabra...
- Luis Bravo


a finger falls a
head yr thought yr
stabnegation's whirly en
trance reducduced to
lippèd foam was liq
uid grunt and wr
assles thru the night
.clean before the emb
assy an utter use a
sp atter down yr leg
,impactactual knee yr
house floats on ,age an
hopping of the gnats on
thigh .snore's my c
alling ,polypped on a door

O arch O soon


corn bile shake
bequeath the trees

up yr throat it's



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