Mitchell Garrard


Nnj. Nnj.
Traffic was crying alcohol, it looks like you. You may. Well.
It's just me. Sorry I am not cool
check it, Michael Ono Ennahda,
talk about my aunt Kannur.
You know I think that drinking DMT
hope you might like me Arkan Hawaiian countries
everywhere like DMT due to Brian Kelberg more.
Conducive to what DMT. Question
what did happen to get lucky mn.

I want them. Nnj wrapped up like update
all that right. You know what's going on here,
DMT Rodney king. That's the tea on. Well
I think that's right babies were also gotta DMT
and that's not only DMT. Nnat nnat weapon
only make up baby lean. I. That's what
I thought too much too much weight.
I'm gonna help you

we got take their characters
like like latoya Jackson's like Olympic open bar.
I am so ready internet. Nnat that
he asked me to marry him laugh piano DMT me
marry him, last week detect me you call up to date
I want I try to come up with these white or be out DMT.
In. Nnj. Tell us what it was called up to I don't think
I'm doing paperwork so I got all heated
you could not pay me to put on
no I mean I don't know where the black
look like she went to work
I think it'll happen again
DMT you notice. Right DMT. I.
Very cool hot blood sugar is low after our
nnat nnat nnat nnat nnat. Nndb.

Bad Theatre Lighting

Our dull conversations are a huge turn-on
I think I just gagged a little.
I hope that helps.
I am more interested in pursuing
someone who smells bad
and has a boring personality.
You never hear “we have too much in common.”
This is what I'm good at.
The light on register six flickering.
Smiling is important.
That’s all you need to know.

Mitchell Garrard is a poet from Seattle, WA. He currently resides in Boulder, CO, where he sells designer handbags. Previously published work has appeared in Baldhip Magazine, Futures Trading, Shuf Poetry, S/Word, Uut Poetry, and featured on Everyday Genius.
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