Raymond Farr

Apparitional States

As a young boy
He was

Eaten by
A beech tree

& never
Walked home

The sky was

A conjuring sky
Blue with

Yellow stars
But his Momma

Found him
& carried him home

& washed his
Dark hair

With soap the
Color of

Wet amber
Like honey on

His head
It was gentle

To his fairy tale skin
He was scrubbed

& then fed
& he put on

The moon as he
Put on his PJs

& hid like a bug
Under the warm covers

In the dream
Of a storm

Most of what
He was

Was how he
Stayed silent

How he
Stayed hidden

He was
The young

Eaten by a

Beech tree
He was dreaming

He was

The windows
Nailed shut

& burning
Like phosphor

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