John Pursch

Akimbo Skylight Skim
Scratchy-fisted champions ham it out, out, and a flailing bar fight’s infatuated seesaw tongue, festering with bolides, sizzling tachometer fluff, osmotic cameos, scarified carob wheels, pints of shallow bravo, prowess spears in delicate elephant ease. Sweat another drink of shale of covetous supplemental dental fluid, frugivorous fragmentation fronds, deleterious deciduous dioramas of diagrammatic quirkily quipped cored carriers.

Helms halt periodic pants in tense circus heroes, inchoate archaic rodeos be tagged a toga’s titillating titular mammalian flambeau. Someone deep in passed thunder relaxes unexpectedly, spitting southern syntax in pulled chicken gramophone, swollen whale becalmed by mutinous seizures. Half only bails the orator’s soaring pox-infested sheaves with marshmallow muffin ears, calling floral splints who mine the severity for cancellation canteen caulk.

Lichens storm from freely foveated folios of shaken javelins to half a leaner’s stolid lobe, piling downy canker oily ankle seep, alike akimbo skylight skim to shimmered stymied kookaburras caught in tipsy turncoat scurvy.

Varnished Zero
Ants will soon be crawling on my arms, making their way to my patchwork torso, biting me now and then, but I don’t really care. Eighteen trillion ants on planet Earth, all simulacra, like me; constructs in a construct, alive in fields of vowels, cool grass, empty sleeves and gloves, quiet sky above the flow of inky furtive gesture from summed humanity to cold embedded discourse to city dusk to rigorous descent of coffee can prediction faucet’s rolling enfilade to séance silent auctioneer in jackhammer rationale explaining quotient tourniquet relief of fifty hits of what you will to what you think you gotta have to circumstances unreliable, defaulting down to varnished zero.

Stumbling into yet another open problem, pristine absence of approximate regard yawning till powers of two become elusive, awaiting further disambiguation, begging for decades of doubt in murky rolling woods, gabled beyond garbled afternoon in peristaltic penumbral patrimony, palimony, poultice-packed poltroons pulverizing polished shoestring potatoes with traffic jams, buttered yams, yardarm elements of self-sufficient set-up theorists, formalized formaldehyde, doctored hecklers and misty-eyed hidebound rawhide hinterlands from ball-peen teenage hammerheads to cardigans of maiden voyeurs, oblivion of thicket thought, wickered croquet croakers, crammed connubial bipartite bongs, et al eateries, beaneries, beeping backing truck stop floozies, sedated surreptitious segue back to wherefore source or porch or hippocampal floorboard ground of coffee-stained infusion imputation into philatelic nullity of tree-lined whiskered avenue.

Swordfish Torque
Water slurps off tan conductor pheasant fleece in turning wardroom fender field of caftan carbon cannery to tourney tombstone travesty in ergonomic inertial estuary, fighting a philatelic gumdrop goose with guaranteed garrulousness, given cowed furrows of prow peat threesome curio contraption mythos moths in fastback hatchling hovercraft spoiled festively by teatime tarragon.

Tiled imagination links living oddities with suspended hiring nails for snack bar parakeet resemblances of tumid miasmatic osculation, ticking soft hovels into nude pneumatic gnomes. Sharks terminate a sentient hillside with bile doxology ingots of skeletal words, swordfish torque, and prior but known tomato parent angles, stiffing plumbing Nile liners for chipping fleas on cold pentagonal pump house divinations.

Angst accretes in agricultural monotony, piling piano choirs atop ateliers and agoraphobic agronomists, arguing avidly about assonance. Rifles sketch traceries of tulip pliers, plying Pleistocene placement specialists for pall bearers, pusillanimous proletarians, pompous bigamists, backdoor bombasts, delectable documentarians, Diocletian’s surreptitious suppurations of soupcon comestibles, cackling caskets, cormorants in compost gallop swizzle steak; medium care for carcass canvas clip joint tugboat botulism begat by piebald petrification punts.

John Pursch lives in Tucson, Arizona. Twice nominated for Best of the Net, his work has appeared in many literary journals. A collection of his poetry, Intunesia, is available at http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/whiteskybooks. His lit-rap video is at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l33aUs7obVc. He’s @johnpursch on Twitter and john.pursch on Facebook.
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