Marilyn Stablein

The Bionic Woman: Some Assembly Required

                               Diamond-fold Accordion Book:
                A kinetic Sculptural black & white Visual Poem in Sixteen Pages

Closed 3.75 x 3.75 inches. Opens to 20 inches width x 10 inches height

Closed Book, Back Cover

                               Four consecutive steps
                               Minimal tools required

                To read the book, pull apart the covers to open the pages.
                As the book unfolds different geometrical, mechanical configurations evolve.
                Turn, twist, play, unfold - the juxtapositions of machinery and body parts move inside out
                               and upside down.
                In this Rotating Book (if I may coin a term) the book extends and unfolds into a number
                               of multiple page spreads assembled from smaller squares and triangles.

The Bionic Woman Pop-up Title Page

                               Hands do the Work
                               Six triangular views

Two Squares & Four Triangles

                               The Mechanics of Assembly
                               Machine Parts, Hands, Head

Two More Squares & Four Triangles

                               Arrows Point the Way
                               Set Body Above the Nut
                               Cut-away Abdomen - Coil Spring

Opened Book

                               Shoulder to Elbow
                               Strapless White Bodice

Eight-Sided Diagram - Three Squares and Ten Triangle Views

                               Pull Apart, Twist, Contract, Fold
                               The Joy of Side-Loading

Fully Extended - Four Squares & Twelve Rectangular Pages

                               A Cartography of Mechanisms
                               Fully Assembled
                               Mechanical Woman

Marilyn Stablein, poet, essayist and artist, is author of thirteen books including a monograph Bind, Alter, Fold: Artist Books. She exhibits her work in museums, galleries, libraries and in books and magazines. She lives in Portland, Oregon. Visit marilynstablein.com.
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