Márton Koppány

Reaching Out

Contemplation (Hungarian Vispo No. 14)

Márton Koppány (b. 1953) lives in Budapest, Hungary. His books include: Immortality and Freedom, Coracle, 1991; The Other Side, Kalligram 1999; To Be Or     To Be, Runaway Spoon Press, 1996; Investigations and Other Sequences, Ahadada, 2003; Endgames, Modulations, Addenda, all by Otoliths, 2008, 2010, 2012; this is visual poetry, 2010; The Reader, Runaway Spoon Press, 2012. Digital collections: Waves (2008), Hungarian LangArt (2014), and The Aha Moment (2016), all by E∙ratio.

Collaborative books include : From The Annual Records of The Cloud Appreciation Society with Nico Vassilakis, Otoliths, 2008; Short Movies, with Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, cPress, 2008; very short stories with Andrew Topel, avantacular press, 2010; Book of Numbers, with Jim Leftwich, Luna Bisonte Prods, 2011. An ongoing collaborative project with Anatol Knotek is online at Márton and Anatol.

In anthologies: The Last Vispo, A Global Visuage, The Dark Would, The New Concrete. First exhibitions: Franklin Furnace, 1982, Barbican Library, 1989, Woodland Pattern, 1991. Recent shows: Text Festival, Manchester, 2011 and 2014; The Dark Would, Edinburgh, 2013. Recent readings (2011-2013): The Art Institute, and The Green Lantern, Chicago; Woodland Pattern, Milwaukee; UNF, Jacksonville; Birkbeck, Rich Mix and X Marks the Bökship, London.

The PDF versions of some of his more recent books can be downloaded here:
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