Michael Brandonisio

Artifact Found in the Ruins of the MMS Museum

Untitled (Lou Reed)

When retracing...

On the veranda drizzling it was
November but it seemed like May
With a song on the stereo with
The needle stuck in the vein of the vinyl
Kept repeating the phrase “go-go Rimbaud”
But that was another lifetime ago
Made in reflections static and thence cracked
In a parallel world summer was at hand
You could not control that shivering hand
Its skeletal frame held a mind of its own
With a sexless eye merged within it
It was the right hand and then the left
Into a world pre-digital
You wandered through lacunae
Felt vertiginous and came to a rest
Intuited fingertips on a keyboard
Linked to a blank slate in cyberspace
It streamed a narrative fractured leaving in its dust
A circle of confusion always ending where it began
In a dystopian loop-di-loop
Stop for a second/don’t stop for a second
Who said common people the world over need more kitsch?
Holy rollers keep them amused with post-vaudeville
Pull-a-rabbit-from-a-hat shtick
Brought to you live via satellite from Tartarus
Directed on a stopover by Bosch Anonymous
Be that as it may it will make a difference to no one
For fate is a fate accompli as perceived in its wake
So perhaps you should brace yourself when you risk
Strolling barefoot over burning coal imbued with broken glass
You might recall that you once took a long deep breath
Pulled the shift stick that hurled you back
A tumbling fetus skydiving to splashdown

…on the verandah drizzling it was…

A Heap of Broken Images (Where the Sun Beats)
               after a line by T. S. Eliot

Michael Brandonisio's work has recently appeared in Jazz Cigarette and Word For/Word.
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