Arpine Konyalian Grenier

Three from Fauna Gelish, Willed Capital

Unraveling Commits

To pass by in nascent stupor is all I ask for
Saturn verbs as the ground imposes
I may have been my relative
the plasticity of a synapse
what turn-on that is

                promises so therefore

full coil magnetic alignments and cavities
dogs barking at the caravan for theme
while the fields weave resistance
time and space render

watch how words are colonized by the show and tell
unlike history Euphrates hides neither
holds nothing but ideas
thinging the music

useless rib duties you ran away with
so when attacked you were still
attached weren’t you
now come on

color clamped you insisted slovenly
we were walking the wash then
there must be a God you said
focus on beam

such a turn that was
eternally mirror

                such washed words

                I had nothing to say

no things but in ideas is the music
show is tell is show so
let there be God

mystery will endure light
giddy with change

it has been hard not to care about you
hard to redraw the maps for Saturn
come and go be penciled in
or borrowed

the Sun’s dark matter releases blood
energy and inspiration follow
they signal for mother

wash labor here and there
elsewhere plastic as ever
begging Euphrates

how effective is self-determinism against imperialism then
memory aligned to this one species that we are
fetching punishingly distanced pauses
who traced who danced the mood
the word here and now
in question
                               and always colored

up down reflected calibers principled for comfort
what is granted what is fated
overdriven analysand
second in line

                selectively defective we

vagaries of labor and logos
against encroachment
we call heritage.

Seasoning, 2015

Feeling is to reason as mass is to gravity
yet affect delivers somatic markers
degrees and types of dominance

                               trails against the sky

                feathered salt

      nodding to surface

as food is to be eaten and feelings are to be felt
clarified into dawn the veteran night
beauty radiates calmly
prods and curbs
                               just because

there is the rational systematic but also the encoded
heuristics mere historically implicated diaphragm
metaphor and narrative groom so how hard
would it be to forecast blank outcome
how elusive to purport context
time efforts to control

and we at best emotional bodies after pulp
social arrangement in and out of line
gloves rooms gestures perfection
my mistake eventually floor
1.2% GDP haunted
I separate from
                                    and I lick it for luck

trace your reasoning portals
seasoning relativity

identity drives interest drives identity
sensor monitor controller defined
humidity humility

                mother used to say I was loved as child

light need not be useless to the blind
I cast my emotional body over
violations of determinism
link it to forever

I tamper with plump destinations
what is murder what is justice
light or social plasma
particles of word.

Dark Matter Versatility

Metaphor rings muster meta-material fog
lack of imagination plays into
digital swarms distance

we thinking clearly to regenerate positrons
as group movement constitutes flow
the singled particle wishes for
to undo dark matter

playing into the hands of vagueness shoulder to shoulder
like a bacterium welcoming genetic code it lacks
I’ll mimic size shape color species as if vine
serving and protecting myself
history and tradition
the primary verbs

sit here and (but sit there) and hear me merge
heavy ion collisions generating current
the panoptic with the scoptic

perversion compels ordinary minds to image making
average local nuclei considered familial
teeth to stump ordinary grind
toe the line of conformity
what’s felt what’s gone
final to functional

magnetic fields enhancing charged particle energy
the mesomorphic beat maintaining plasticity
the mesothermic too

                             inflect power and identity

preference turbulence expands
archaic to sentimental
lack and imagination
sociological banter

                               inclines matter

hotbeds of sheer swan song
lack of precision renovates
decline indicating we are
translated mad dogs
thinking clearly.

Arpine Konyalian Grenier is an independent scholar and poet, author of four collections: St. Gregory’s Daughter; Whores from Samarkand; Part, Part, Euphrates; The Concession Stand: Exaptation at the Margins. Recent work can be found at Journal of Poetics Research, Big Bridge, Word/for/Word and Barzakh. She lives and writes in Los Angeles.
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