Brandon Nakasato

Love and Radical Honesty

What do you want in life?
What do you love?
The Inquisitor inquired.
"I love dopamine:
In pursuit of novelty, if I find that another human causes a profound and massive
repeated release of dopamine then I will nurture this symbiotic addiction and name
it ‘love’ for the purposes of its preservation and social acceptability.”
The Inquisitor blushed.
Is a radical pursuit of truth desirable?
Is fulsome self-love malignant solipsism?
                Or the key to enduring radiative affection?
These are questions of theory for the Inquisitor.
I have a satisfying cache of neurochemicals.
And I think I am in ‘love’.

Murmurs from a crimson cloak

My heart beats out its mournful bloodsong:
"I want to be remembered"

A constant request to close the loop,
Enough to tempt terror

But my mind smoothes
a borrowed veil of comfort;
Krishna's old and familiar lie.
Before Time succeeds
she consoles:
"It will be so."

Brandon Nakasato, 35, of Anchorage, Alaska is a Research Analyst with Alaska's Department of Health. Nakasato has been published previously in Vox Poetica, The Houston Literary Review, The Catalonian Review and Calliope Nerve. He is the former editor of the magazine, CENTURY 121 and is currently finishing his first collection of poems.
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