harry k stammer

"this pattern"

abduct (assault) "since when?"
both (sides)
destruct (cycle) lose, drop, die, bleed, rot, die, bleed...
"they don't stay that way long,
dirt covered under (tons)
concrete (digging)
"this pattern or broken concrete"
angry stressed (fire) above

"but not"
below (below)
"the conch, pass it " sandal
sneaker (side) way
"this way" a head there a
"head there"
rock now "lose, drop, die, bleed, rot, die..."
bleed (ing)
boulder there climb over't
(up) "keep up"
conceal down

conflict (d)
execution (ears)
"mountain or victims" side
wrong (of)
"ah, inevitable"
taking (tears) away anger
ever present"
oppress'd (bags) sand stacked
"you know, weapons"
point'd (sticks) (taint'd)
"you say, backed up"
conch (spelling)
victim broken


in the middle of the crowd"
(arm) flash tear gas
(explosion) cloud
light'd stained street
foul smell
"this liability" (of)
punishment circular (wise)
"let it
run (to) away
"stand up"
move backwards again

hands (held)
"you can't see this?"
up ( upwards)
(fly sitting on the swatter)
"mocking me?" more arms
up (the handler)
"you can't see this?"
no memory
push forward walking
(again) against
angle reverse scene
(justice) one way

(to a)
struggle on a street
(in the)
middle sirens (swat)
wielder (dealer)
"of death"
set on
while (some) action recedes
(kleig lights)
camera (actions)
arm (bottle)
exploded across a (flash)
"but remember this,"
again (against) away

harry k stammer is a writer and musician who lives and works in Santa Barbara, CA USA. His books include every beyond’t nothing (persistencia), tents (Otoliths), and grounds (Otoliths), and tocsin, the third and last in the series about LA's homeless, following on from tents and grounds is to be released in 2017 (Otoliths).
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